Experiences of Cape Town. (International House Cape Town)

Experiences of Cape Town.

My name is Behzad Bagheri. I come from IRAN and I have been in Cape Town, South Africa for almost 1year and 6 months studying English at International House Cape Town Language Institute (ih Cape Town).

During my time here I have also conducted an internship at ih Cape Town which has given me a great insight into the workings of an English language school as well as putting into practise my newly acquired English skills in a business environment.

Cape Town is a magical city because you can kill two birds with one stone; what I mean by that is you can learn English very quickly while you are enjoying a great quality of life and living the language.

The administration staff at Ih Cape Town is phenomenal and willing to help students in any way. The teachers are highly experienced and the method of teaching is also incredible.

Cape Town also has a lot of attractive places to visit and the good point of that is that anyone who comes here as a student we help and organize everything for them. Furthermore, the school is a warm, welcoming place to help students with anything they need.

I would like to recommend learning English at Ih Cape Town for the many reason mentioned above and more importantly, the living costs and all the tuition fees are very affordable.

If you would like to see some more information about ih Cape Town then please look at our social media sites with the links below.


Kind regards

تجربه هاي کیپ تاون
نام من بهزاد باقری است من از ایران آمده ام و تقريبا ١ سال و ٦ ماه كه در کیپ تاون، (آفریقای جنوبی) مشغول تحصيل بهزبان انگلیسی در موسسه زبان بين المللي کیپ تاون هستم.

در طول زمان تحصيلي خودم نیز در موسسه Ih مشغول به انجام دوره کارآموزی نيز هستم که محيط كاري نيز تاثير خوبیدر مهارت يادگيري زبان من داشته است.

کیپ تاون یک شهر جادویی است زیرا شما می توانید دو پرنده را با یک سنگ بکشید ( با يك تير دو نشان را زدن) منظورمن این است که شما می توانید انگلیسی را خیلی سریع یاد بگیرید، در حالی که شما از یک زندگي با كيفيت عالي لذت ميبريد.

کارکنان اداری در Ih کیپ تاون فوق العاده هستند و هميشه مايل به كمك به دانش اموزان در هر زمينه اي ميباشند.معالمان داري تجربه بالايي هستند و روش آموزشي آنها فوق العاده است.

کیپ تاون نیز دارای مکان های جذاب زیادی برای بازدید است و مزيت آن این است که ما به هركسي که به عنوان یکدانش آموز به اينجا مي ايد كمك ميكنيم و همه چیز را برای آنها سازماندهی می کنيم ، علاوه بر این، مدرسه مکانيست گرم وسالم براي كمك به دانش اموزان در هر زمينه كه نياز به كمك دارن.

من به شما يادگيري زبان نگليسي در موسسه Ih كيپ تاون را توصيه ميكنم به خاطر دلايلي كه در بالا ذكر كردم و مهمتراز ان هزينه زندگي و تحصيل مقرون به صرفه است.

اگر میخواهید اطلاعات بیشتری در مورد کیپ تاون بدست آورید، لطفا به سایتهای رسانه اجتماعي ما به لينك هاي زيرمراجعه كنيد.
با احترام بهزاد باقری


Playing a game in the class..





making food with some lovely classmates



Student party




Having a class around the city





Student party






Christmas Party with the best boss ever...


Gold restaurant Cape Town

Today I want to share my experience at Gold restaurant in Cape Town. Gold restaurant is a unique African restaurant where you can experience a traditional, African evening in a restaurant located in Green point. You can eat typical African dishes while you are enjoying interactive traditional entertainment.

On Saturday night I went there with a big group of friends. We arrived at 6:20 pm and a very sweet lady dressed in traditional African clothes helped us to our table. The restaurant was huge and there are many different areas. (Separate areas for people who had dinner without the show) Our table was located in the main area which was decorated in a traditional African way. The Area consisted of a lot of different tables and a stage where the shows take place. Our table was beautifully decorated and on everyone’s chair was a djembé.


After everyone arrived, the Djembé class started. There was a guy on the stage who taught us (approximately 4 groups of 20 people) a lot of different tunes. When I looked around during the Djembé class I could see all the stress relief and aggression that everyone smashed into their djembes. Even the people older than 65 years were smashing that djembe like they probably never did before (At least I hope they never did).  It was wonderful to see that you can make such great music with just a simple instrument and a few basic tunes. And it gets even better when everyone does it at the same time.

After the djembe class we got our food. We all had tomato soup as a starter and we also got a few other dishes (ostrich samosas, spinach balls and more). After that we got big sharing dishes with chicken, springbok, couscous and more. We finished our 14-course dinner with a nice dessert. All dishes were for sharing (not my biggest strength) with the other ones so you don’t need to order your own food and there is no need to make (hard) decisions. The food was typical African and it was great to taste it. Especially because a lot of people (including me) would never order these kinds of dishes themselves because they are not familiar with it or they just don’t like the idea of it. So this is a great way to taste a small bite of different kind of dishes from the African kitchen.



During dinner we got 3 amazing shows which consisted of African people in African clothes who danced and sang on typical African djembé music. They told a kind of story in combination with music, dancing and singing.

The Atmosphere in the restaurant was amazing and everyone enjoyed it. It was quite expensive but it’s so worth it. So if you are looking for a full African (traditional) experience, you should definitely visit Gold. (Website: http://www.goldrestaurant.co.za)


You Only Live Once! Skydiving

Last week Saturday, my friend Lisa and I went skydiving at Mother City SkyDiving. We had wanted to do this for quite a while. So, we just planned it and decided to do it together. The driver fetched us at our house and it took us one hour to get there. I was feeling very nervous. I was like: Do I want to do this? My friend Lisa was trying to calm me down and told me to enjoy the trip. Easy for her to say, because she was very enthusiastic and not afraid. Me on the other hand, I was dying on the inside.

The day before that, I saw the video of Will Smith skydiving. His speech was so touching and true. I could relate to the video, because I’m very afraid of heights. I can’t even look outside from a high floor, because I easily get scared. I get nervous; my hands start sweating and I feel my heart beating. But I was determined to face my fear and to jump out of a plane.

Finally, we arrived at the field. I saw the plane and I was like, now it’s for real. I started to get nervous again. My friend Lisa and I decided to go first. We are very brave girls! (for real!) So, I asked Lisa to jump first because I was not prepared to do it (haha). They brought all the equipment for us to put on. I felt very cool wearing it. I felt like a pro (lol). Then the professional skydivers came. The name of my skydiver was Fred. He was very friendly and helpful. He made me feel at ease and I was ready to jump with him.


The MOMENT had come to step into the plane. No way of turning back now! The adrenaline started to work on my body. I was feeling very excited. The plane took off and I realized I was going to jump out of a freaking plane. Who does that? Only crazy people, in my opinion. But to be honest, I’m crazy too (HAHA).

So, the plane was moving from one side to the other and I could feel it in my tummy. It was like sitting on a fairground ride. Then the pilot opened the door!!!! The scariest part ever! So, Lisa went first, and it happened so quickly. I turned around to say goodbye and she was already gone! She had already jumped out. THEN, it was my turn. I was so freaking scared. My first thought was it’s so high! I was feeling all kind of feelings. I realized I was in a plane at 9000-10000 feet. Then we jumped!!!!! WOW! What a feeling!!! The adrenaline was so awesome! It was so dope. Now I can truly say that God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear. Will Smith, you were so right!



This has been my ultimate challenge. The best thing I have ever done in my life. I recommend everyone to do this once in your life. YOLO!! PEACE OUT! I KISSED THE SKY!


If you are also an adrenaline junky and want to kiss the sky, check out their website (http://www.mothercityskydiving.co.za/) and book with Ih at reception :) It is worth every penny! 


My kayak experience

Hi everyone! Today I (Charlotte) am going to tell you about my Kayak experience. A few weeks ago I found out that you can go kayaking in Cape Town and see animals from the ocean and the beautiful view of Cape Town at the same time. When I heard about it I got really excited and I really wanted to do it. So on the 17th of April me and a friend of mine decided to go kayaking with Kaskazi Kayaks.

Kaskazi Kayaks & adventures is a dedicated sea kayak centre, situated in the heart of Cape Town. Their office is situated in Sea point at Three Anchor Bay. They organize guided kayak trips 7 days a week - at 8am, 10:30 and 4pm. (On the weekends and public holidays they do an additional trip at 1pm) The trips are approximately 2 hours long and costs R350 per person. The fun thing is that you don’t need any previous kayaking experience so it’s suited for everyone (also for clumsy people like me). Besides the beautiful Table Mountain View, there is a possibility that you will see dolphins, sun fish, seals, penguins and more.

We decided to go at 8am in the weekend as the chance of seeing dolphins would be bigger in the morning. When my alarm went off at 7am I wasn’t sure if this was the best idea I’ve ever had.We went to Kaskazi kayaks where they checked our booking, we got a short briefing and after that we were ready to go.



We were with a group of 16 people divided into 8 kayaks. We went to the shore were we got our kayaks and the paddles. At that moment it was time to jump into the kayak. I wouldn’t be me if this didn’t go terribly wrong of course. My friend was already in the front of the kayak and after that it was my turn to get in the kayak. I put one foot in the kayak and then all of a sudden the kayak decided to float away (that flippin kayak). So one foot still on the ground and one foot in the kayak 1-meter away means I was doing a serious split. I managed to get my other foot in the kayak by jumping into the kayak and I am pretty sure this looked like a really (really really really) mindless move.

After the dumb start we started kayaking with all the other ones and two guides. We kayaked for 2 hours and we had a beautiful Cape Town view (when we were far away from the shore). We saw a lot of dolphins and a few seals and it was pretty amazing to see these animals in their own environment. They were swimming and jumping around the kayaks and they didn’t seem scary at all. De rest of the group was a little bit more experienced in kayaking, as we were 500 meters behind the rest of the group all the time. The paddles of my friend and me constantly crashed (by accident) and I think it seemed like we were fighting all the time (like a star wars light saber fight with paddles). But this definitely didn't mean that we didn't enjoy it.

After 2 hours of amazing view we kayaked back to the shore.

I really enjoyed the kayaking and I would definitely recommend it. You have the chance to see a lot of animals and there is an amazing ‘Cape Town’ view from the ocean. I would also recommend going in the morning because you will probably see more dolphins, have a beautiful sky and it feels great to go kayaking early in the morning.



(Check out the website of Kaskazi Kayaks: http://kayak.co.za)




The most famous beaches in Cape Town

1.camps Bay

Beautiful white sandy beach,with crystal clear blue waters.

One of the few clean beaches I've come across. There has been a increase of hawkers though, hope it's controlled.



Love the fact that there are plenty of small food shops just across the street and you can almost find all kind of differnt foods.

Acually I've been going there,since I arrived here so I'v got a lot of experiences there and I can recommend you going there guys coz you can have a lot of fun.

The other place that I can suggest in Camps Bay it's called Cafe Caprice.


Whether it’s for sundowners in the summer months or for the great winter burger special, Café Caprice never fails to disappoint.

Situated on the world famous Camps Bay Strip, Caprice has been around since 2001 and still enjoys a faithful following from locals and international visitors particularly students.

The views of the Atlantic Ocean, the white sand, palm trees and Lions Head to the left is amzing so you will have an enjoyable time.





Clifton is the heart of Cape Town’s beach scene, pulsating with the energy of the bronzed and beautiful. It’s a place to see and be seen.

This means that Clifton can generally be relied upon for perfect conditions in summer, even when the wind chases people off other beaches. Temperatures can soar on the back beach, but down near the water’s edge the icy sea has a welcome cooling effect. Here, on the hard, wet sand, more active types work up a sweat with beach bats and frisbees, periodically taking a refreshing dunk in the shallows. Others prefer a quick shower to cool off when roasting in the sun gets uncomfortably hot. Vendors ply the beaches selling snacks and drinks, so it is possible to spend a few hours on the beach without wandering far. Each of the four beaches has its own special character.




There is an amazing restaurant which is called Bungalow Restaurant & Lounge.

On the lips of the Atlantic Ocean and skirting the South African province of the Western Cape is the chic Bungalow Restaurant & Lounge. This is more than a trendy escape at which to enjoy fine dining and excellent wines (although that can safely be expected). The Bungalow is about a cunning meeting of glam and glitzy with all things earthy and rustic.


Face to face with the great white shark - Shark Cage Diving

Everyone has seen the movie Jaws, right? I have seen it in every case. Such an awesome movie, the shark looks so scary and big! In particularly its big mouth and teeth! I have seen all 4 though, but I must confess I developed a huge fear for sharks after seeing the movies. I was not able to see it again by myself, this is not a joke! (laugh) I have seen so many documentaries about the great white shark and it looks so dangerous!

Before I came to Cape Town, my friends recommended me to do the shark cage diving. I was shocked to hear that. Never in my life would I do that! Imagine something goes wrong? Imagine the shark eats you or something happens with the cage? You never know with wild animals, especially predators.

My trip to South Africa has been wonderful up until now. I have visited so many places and I have done so many things. My other fear are heights and I managed to face that fear. I have climbed Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and Woodstock Cave. I have been facing all my fears in Cape Town, so why not go for the shark cage diving? It took me a while to decide, but on the 21st of April I decided to go for it!

At 3:15 AM in the morning a minibus from Marine Dynamics came to pick me and other 9 people up. It took us 2 hours to get to Gansbaai. When we arrived there, a delicious breakfast was waiting for us. We received all the necessary information through a video. At 7 AM we launched from the Kleinbaai harbour. Once I saw the boat, I immediately thought about the movie. It looked a bit similar. I could hear the song of the soundtrack in my head.


I started to get scared. Once on the boat we headed straight towards Jubertsdam. I was a little afraid because I was sitting very close to the open sea. Imagine the shark comes into the boat and bites me??? Where did I get myself into?!
The boat stopped and I knew it was TIME! I was screaming in my head OMG!! I was soooo frightened! This is not a joke! (LOL) I put on my wetsuit and that was quite a struggle. But that would keep me warm once I got into the water.


I got a little bit seasick as well. What a mess! The staff of Marine Dynamics was very helpful and kind though. After 2 hours, we were lucky to see the first shark. I decided to go first, together with 7 other people. The cage looked very scary but it was definitely safe. I just went for it.



So, then it happened, I saw the great white shark!!!! Very cool and dope! What an amazing animal. I was fascinated by it! The way it moves in the water is so cool! I could not believe it. I was seeing Jaws!!! (LOL) This shark was 3 meters long. We were lucky to see 4 sharks in total. YAYYYY!


It’s totally different when you see the animal in real life. The information you hear about it is also very interesting. I can tell you that my opinion about the great white shark has changed completely. You should definitely do this once in your life. YOLO! 


This experience has been one of my best experiences ever. I faced my fear and I did it! I’m very proud of myself! I would like to thank Marine Dynamics for this wonderful opportunity!

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