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What Is Better: Online Learning Or Face To Face?

Oct 18, 2023

Thanks to technology and the wide reach of the Internet, education has been able to expand to an online audience in addition to in person schooling. However, with this new development comes the question of which method is better for learning. Everyone has different needs, learning styles and ways of processing the information they receive via classes and tutorials. While many embrace the online learning platform of learning languages, others prefer to learn face to face. So, which is better? Online learning or face to face?

Pros and Cons of Learning English Online

There are many pros or advantages to learning English online. It’s convenient, flexible and can be accessed from any location. You can log on to your class at home, during your lunch break at work or even at your favourite café. Online learning can be just as effective as ‘in person’ training. Another attractive upside to online learning is that you can save time and money from not having to travel to a school. Who wouldn’t welcome the idea of skipping out on traffic and tiring commute? You also have the luxury of self-paced study, real time live classes, pre recorded sessions and even apps and software to help you in your English learning journey.

Is online too good to be true? The downside to online learning is that you lose out on the human element of learning or teaching someone directly and establishing a rapport with tutors which helps immensely in developing language skills. You also need to have a steady Wi-Fi or internet connection to have a smooth experience in real time classes. If your internet is down, you can’t access your courses. Focusing on your study can also be challenge because the internet is also full of many distractions such as social media, YouTube and other entertaining sites. 

Learning online is a popular option today, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can self-isolate and reduce your risk of exposure to the virus and not miss out on your English study. International House Cape Town offers online courses to cater to those who prefer the convenience of learning from home, or who can’t afford to travel to our campus from abroad. You can still receive our expert guidance, tutoring and student support online the way you would in person. 

Pros and Cons of Face-to-Face learning

Face-to-face learning or traditional learning is also very beneficial. Going to a physical class helps you with a more precise focus on the subject, easy back and forth communication with your instructors when you need help understanding or have spur of the moment questions. Studying in a classroom with other people also allows for more immersion, comradery, and the human element that online classes lack. Learning exercises, role play, and group projects also help students build fluency amongst each other as well as teamwork skills. You can also get the support and feedback from your instructor which some online platforms cannot provide in-depth. Learning on campus can also be an adventure in itself, especially if you travelled from abroad to study in a native English-speaking environment. 

However, for many English learners who are professionals and are at work all day, it can be a bit of a stretch to make it to a physical location. Time is an issue especially if the student has other commitments or duties that cut into their free time. Online learning is preferable in this scenario because you can set your class schedule to suit your preferences and slot in your study time and other assignments when it is most convenient for you. 

IH Cape Town’s face-to-face classes are fun, interactive and helps students build conversational skills with student activities and opportunities to practice in the English-speaking world. Now that schools have re-opened and Covid- 19 restrictions have been relaxed to accommodate this, students can now come to Cape Town from abroad to safely start or continue their English study programs. 

Choose what’s right for you

Both online learning and face-to-face learning have their strong points. It is up to the student to choose the right path for their lifestyle, budget, and goals. Everyone learns in different ways. Some students thrive when left to study independently. Others require more personal interaction with a tutor to fully grasp the material. Many enjoy the option to learn from home, while others rather go to a physical class or travel to a different country to get a full-on immersion experience. 

IH Cape Town is proud to have all your English learning needs covered. With a wide range of specialised courses designed for specific industries such as business English courses, aviation English courses, beginner ESL courses, and much more, you can find the right path of study. We also provide consultation to help potential and future students weigh their options and figure out their learning needs. We have online courses as well as physical in-person classes at our campus. You can learn English while exploring the beautiful city of Cape Town!

Whichever path you choose, whether online English classes or face-to-face classes will help you to achieve your professional or academic goals. It all comes down to your budget, personal situation and preferences. Online and face-to-face classes with IH Cape Town give you the resources and coaching you need to become fluent in English. Contact us to find out more about our services, courses and the many options you have for accessing our top-of-the-line programs and courses in English.