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Cape Town Carnival

16 March 2024 @ 6;00pm

Join us on Saturday 16 March for the Weird, Wacky and Wonderful – Lekker Carnival on the Green Point Fan Walk!

Each float and performance in this year’s Cape Town Carnival is a window into a world where ‘Lekker’ is the law of the land. Imagine a realm where the everyday and the extraordinary blend seamlessly – a technicolour savannah, a deep sea brimming with mythical creatures, a whimsical world made entirely of sweets, and vibrant landscapes of feathers and fynbos. Each of these fantastical visions captures a different facet of ‘Lekker’ – the joy, the wonder, the exhilaration. They are the physical embodiment of the word, translating our unique South African spirit into visual and sensory experiences that delight and inspire. This year, we invite you to step into a world where ‘Lekker’ is not just a feeling, but the very foundation of a fantastical reality we’ve created together.

The Cape Town Carnival is a FREE event, however, should you wish to purchase a seat on one of our limited stand options, please visit: https://capetowncarnival.com/2024-carnival/ for more information!