Last week Saturday, my friend Lisa and I went skydiving at Mother City SkyDiving. We had wanted to do this for quite a while. So, we just planned it and decided to do it together. The driver fetched us at our house and it took us one hour to get there. I was feeling very nervous. I was like: Do I want to do this? My friend Lisa was trying to calm me down and told me to enjoy the trip. Easy for her to say, because she was very enthusiastic and not afraid. Me on the other hand, I was dying on the inside.

The day before that, I saw the video of Will Smith skydiving. His speech was so touching and true. I could relate to the video, because I’m very afraid of heights. I can’t even look outside from a high floor, because I easily get scared. I get nervous; my hands start sweating and I feel my heart beating. But I was determined to face my fear and to jump out of a plane.

Finally, we arrived at the field. I saw the plane and I was like, now it’s for real. I started to get nervous again. My friend Lisa and I decided to go first. We are very brave girls! (for real!) So, I asked Lisa to jump first because I was not prepared to do it (haha). They brought all the equipment for us to put on. I felt very cool wearing it. I felt like a pro (lol). Then the professional skydivers came. The name of my skydiver was Fred. He was very friendly and helpful. He made me feel at ease and I was ready to jump with him.


The MOMENT had come to step into the plane. No way of turning back now! The adrenaline started to work on my body. I was feeling very excited. The plane took off and I realized I was going to jump out of a freaking plane. Who does that? Only crazy people, in my opinion. But to be honest, I’m crazy too (HAHA).

So, the plane was moving from one side to the other and I could feel it in my tummy. It was like sitting on a fairground ride. Then the pilot opened the door!!!! The scariest part ever! So, Lisa went first, and it happened so quickly. I turned around to say goodbye and she was already gone! She had already jumped out. THEN, it was my turn. I was so freaking scared. My first thought was it’s so high! I was feeling all kind of feelings. I realized I was in a plane at 9000-10000 feet. Then we jumped!!!!! WOW! What a feeling!!! The adrenaline was so awesome! It was so dope. Now I can truly say that God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear. Will Smith, you were so right!



This has been my ultimate challenge. The best thing I have ever done in my life. I recommend everyone to do this once in your life. YOLO!! PEACE OUT! I KISSED THE SKY!


If you are also an adrenaline junky and want to kiss the sky, check out their website ( and book with Ih at reception 🙂 It is worth every penny!


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