New Website, Who Dis?

Once again establishing themselves as the gold standard for internships in South Africa, market leading English training academy IH Cape Town has sought to improve the experience of their interns by teaming up with SEO + Design to school them up in some of the vital skills needed by todays millenial marketers.

Under the guidance of the boutique search agency with high end clients in European and Australasian markets, five lucky interns were given an immersive crash course in seo and content marketing to help with a switch over to a new website for the language school. For many this was the first time they’d been exposed to Googles new ranking factors and the thought of having to blog for both internal and external websites in both english and native tongue was a daunting task.

Dutch intern Gideon Allen who had minimal exposure to any sort of SEO took like a duck to water in redirecting thousands of old urls to new locations, and through the arduous process became familiar with using project management tools like Trello, Agency Analytics & various other online platforms that track progress.  “It was a tedious job. However, when you do everything correct and you see the result is it pleasing” said Gideon. A graph below shows how the migration into the new website exhibited absolutely no turbelence but actually had an increase in traffic and rankings though the migration period:

Where’s Gavin ?

With onpage optimisations completed the interns moved onto media production albeit with a desired side affect to increase average time spent on the new website.  They devised a competition they would launch via the medium of video and posted it across the Cape Town schools’ Youtube and Facebook page. Avg time on the website increased by 30 secs per visitor during this period and most importantly proved to be quite fun & helped equip the students with a desire for future video production. Competition video below, what do you think?


The Interns Find Their Content Groove

A highly valuable part of any SEO strategy is the production of content that engages viewers and this task seemed second nature to the millenials. “Blog posting was my favorite task, no need to be super experienced in marketing for that”, said French speaking intern Fatima. She wrote multiple pieces for African Travel Blog including her thoughts on 5 reasons Cape Town is the ultimate destination for learning English. 

With blogging alittle more comfortable and under their belt the interns moved onto experiencing highly awarded local tour operator Kiff Kombi tours and produced a straight to Youtube clip featured below, as well as a detailed breakdown on how to enjoy a day as an intern in Cape Town written by Belgian intern Margaux Claessens.


Its undeniable that SEO for English schools is increasingly becoming more human centric with a focus on quality content that enriches a students idea of what life might be like abroad. With that thought in mind it makes absolutely more sense to prepare the digital soapbox for interns & students alike whilst coaching them to discover their own narratives in the greatest city in Africa. 

On on a final note it’s great working with partners like HOLINGO who help not only with referral traffic and leads but raising the general search discoverablity of our brand.

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