You just spent another beautiful morning on the beach in Clifton? But has the sun made you feel thirsty? You could have some water as a cool refreshment, but you are in fact studying in Cape Town, South Africa. The capital of probably the worlds’ best wines. A visit to one of the stunning estates should definitely be on your to do list.

I am Kenneth, one of the new interns at International House Cape Town and I have tested, together with a couple of students, one of the wine tours IH hosts together with partner Cape Xtreme. The tour starts at 1 pm and therefore makes a great afternoon out and an ideal way to relax after your morning lessons.

You drive for about 30 minutes towards the Constantia wine area. It offers magnificent strolling hills, views of tremendous mountain tops where the clouds meet the mountains and of course the vineyards who offer those delicious wines.


 Our first stop: Steenberg


The first wine estate was called Steenberg and had a nice contemporary feel to it.  The terrace was beautifully situated next to water and added a really wonderful vibe to the experience. We immediately hit the tasting of with a glass of sparkling wine. Afterwards we tasted a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay and a glass of Merlot. Each wine was thoroughly introduced and of course tasted and approved by the IH group.
I personally fell in love with the sparking wine and the Sauvignon Blanc as I’m not particularly fond of red wines. Although I really could appreciate the red wines from Steenberg estate.







Off to the next: Buitenverwachting


After 6 glasses we still felt a bit thirsty and so we continued to the second wine estate called Buitenverwachting or in English ‘beyond expectation’. The estate offers a nice picnic field with some ancient trees thatprovide some nice shade. There you can enjoy delicious cheeses which of course goes hand in hand with a good glass of wine. We tasted another Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and even an exclusive wine of 2015. That year Buitenverwachting had suffered a terrible fire and they thought that the burnt grapes couldn’t be used anymore to make wine. Luckily, they gave it a shot and the grapes really gave the wine a unique taste. That was probably the best red wine I ever had in my entire life. It was indeed beyond expectation.



Feedback of a novice


As a conclusion I, as a Belgian beer lover, absolutely fell in love with the South African wines! I would definitely recommend this tour as it offers beautiful surroundings, delicious wines and just in general really good value for money. The 400 R fee includes transport, 11 wines to taste and 2 magnificent estates to discover. Come book you trip with us at school’s reception 🙂

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