We are happy to introduce our new interns from Germany and France!

Hi, my Name is Paula and I am one of the new interns of the IH Language School in Cape Town beside Severine and Fatima. I would like to give you a short introduction of myself.

I live in the South of Germany, very close to the boarder of Switzerland. As part of my Studies, called “Public Management”, I have to do an internship abroad. That’s why I am here now until the end of April, in the most fascinating and high-contrast city I have been so far. The most exciting thing about Cape Town for me is the food. 😀 Wherever you go for a meal, it will always be tasty. I hope I will get to know each one of you and if you have any request or questions, please just contact me, I’m looking forward to help.



Hi everyone,
I’m Fatima, one of the rare French students in the school and new intern, I’m 24 years old. After working a few years in clinical research, I wanted to take a break. So Cape Town appears to me as the place to be. This city and this school regroup all characteristics that you are looking for. In school people are easily accessible; you won’t only travel in South Africa but also in Brasil, Iran, Angola, Europe ect… Course classes are based on speaking, that way your will improve your English quickly.

Finally, I am excited about meeting all of you, you’ll find me every afternoon at reception ☺



Hello Everyone ☺
my name is Severine and you might have seen me at the front desk already (I am that blond German girl who is trying to answer your questions). I live in the south of Germany in a small town called Rheinfelden which is located right at the border to Switzerland. I think it is snowing there right now, so I am really lucky to sit here in the sun instead of freezing back at home (my family just told me to stop sending pictures from me laying at the beach, because it is too depressing, haha). I am studying public management (which is basically administration) and in one year from now I hopefully will receive my Bachelor’s degree.

When I got the possibility to do an internship abroad I knew right away that I would take that chance. I always wanted to go to South Africa, so of course I chose Cape Town for this thrilling experience. And I am so happy I did! I am only here for a few weeks now and I am already in love with this city and its people and the lifestyle (and not to mention the food!). I am going to stay here until the end of April and I am really excited about everything that is going to happen in the next three month.

I feel like IH is the perfect place for me to make this experience, surrounded by people from all over the world, who are just on the same adventure as I am.

So, now you got to know me a little bit better and I am happy to get to know all of you soon!! ☺



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