It´s friday again! Couldn´t believe how fast time is running in this country!

After an exciting testing week we are all happy to have Weekend now. I hope that everyone is happy with their results from the test!

In my class it was a bit sad because out of 5 people just 2 passed the test and will go to upper level next week. But on the other side, the students who have to stay in B2.2, they know each other and no one failed alone 😉 Moreover, to go from Upper-Intermediate to Advance is quiet a big step – so there´s nothing to worry about!

What is really nice at this school is that all get the results on the day after the exam so you don´t have to wait a long time as it was at my high school 😉 Everyone gets  a result paper where you see how many points you got in each category. And the total rate in per cent at the end. You pass the exam if you got more than 70% right.


Now everyone can relax! Have a nice weekend!!! See you in the next level 😉




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