Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte (the intern) and today I want to share an amazing experience: Seal snorkeling. This was the first thing on my bucket list before I went to Cape Town.

So on the 11th of March I finally decided to do it. Of course you have to book it because it’s a popular activity(Totally understandable). We (me and two friends) booked the Seal snorkeling via the company ‘Animal ocean’, which is a very nice company with a nice and clear website were you can book your experience very easily.

On the 11th of March at 12 o’clock we arrived at Hout Bay were the friendly staff from Animal Ocean checked our booking. After that we got our wetsuits and flippers. As it was 33 degrees we were dying in these warm wetsuits (we didn’t know yet how cold the water was going to be).

After 20 minutes we finally got ourselves in the sticky wetsuits and we had a small briefing with some information and safety rules. After this we got on the boat with 8 people and 2 guides from the company. First we sailed along the harbour of Hout bay where we could already see a few seals and their lost penguin friend. The guide called them the ‘gangster seals’ because they are just lying in the sun all day doing nothing (We have so much in common). The boat trip itself was already really nice because of the speed of the boat and the amazing view.

So when we arrived at the ‘seal island’, the only thing we saw were seals. There were seals everywhere (In the water, on the rocks). They were swimming, sleeping and playing and it seemed like the perfect life. We immediately jumped into the water after we arrived, and that was the moment I realized how happy I was with the warm wetsuit, gloves and shoes. The water was freeeeeezing cold. Now I know where Jack had been through in the Titanic and why Rose didn’t want to share her spot on the closet. (It was just way to cold to share :P)

After entering the water, the seals came and investigated us. In the beginning they just started to stare at us and after a while they wanted to play with us. It was pretty amazing because as soon as I put my face into the water I saw hundreds of seals and they were very close. The seals were very playful, curious and interested in all these human being with their cameras on a stick. Sometimes the seals swam to me with a high speed and I was afraid that they didn’t see me or that they wanted to swim right through me. Luckily they were very kind and there was also one seal that accidently (hopefully not on purpose) slapped my butt. (HA HA)


After 50 minutes of swimming with the seals, we felt completely frozen and went back to the boat. We also got hot chocolate and cookies on our way back to the harbour of Hout Bay. (YAY) It was the best experience I had so far in Cape Town and it is the ultimate wildlife experience for the adventurous. The best thing is that they are in their own environment and they treat you like friendly ‘visitors’ were you can just have a lot of fun with them.


So please go there and experience it yourself, you will definitely enjoy it. ☺

Cheers, Charlotte




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