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Heart for Orphans (Junior)

The babies and toddlers are hungry for love and attention, and are in need of being changed, fed and held all through the day. The home has a lovely play area outside, as well as a crèche where the infants` learning can be stimulated.

At the orphanage they try hard to be more like a family than an institution – there is also a strong focus on trying to reunite the child with its natural family if possible. These children are wards of the state waiting to be adopted, either coming through children`s court after having been removed from abusive families, or abandoned very young. This home can accommodate about 60 children, and they currently have more boys than girls. The spread of age groups is fairly fluid as there are constant changes – children get adopted and leave, and new children arrive.

  • Min Duration: 1 Week
  • Arrival City: Cape Town


  • FREE 3 Day (Thurs-Sun) Y2A Orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Host Family/Volunteer House/Backpackers & 2meals
  • Cape Peninsular Tour
  • 2 Free Surf lessons
  • Socials
  • Project Transport to/from Volunteer project
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