Over the past fortnight International House Cape Town has welcomed three brand new interns we would like to introduce to you. The students in school will have met and seen all of them. They are all sitting at the front desk and are running around the school. Some of you will have spoken to them and joined them on the fun social activities they organise for you.
But for the once who are not at Ih Cape Town at the moment, here are some fun facts about them.


Our lovely Margherita 

Firstly, meet Margherita. A 25-year old girl from Padova in Italy who has successfully obtained her degree in civil engineering. She will stay and intern at International House for the next three months. Margherita always wanted to explore an African country but also wants to feel safe when walking at night. That’s the exact reason why she has decided to come to Cape Town. Because it is quite a safe city to study and have some great fun. She likes walking around and discovering the best activities Cape Town has to offer like the beaches and the stunning mountain tops. Here favorite food is (surprise surprise) pizza and pasta but she also loves noodles and chocolate.


Our visual artist William 

Secondly, get to know our new intern William. A 20-year old guy from Lier close to Antwerp in Belgium who is studying Marketing back in Belgium. He is doing his final internship to obtain his Bachelor degree together with his best friend Kenneth who we will introduce later. They will both stay in Cape Town for the next four months and will be working at IH for three months. His favorite movie is the Lion King and he has had a passion for Africa and the wildlife from a very young age. That’s why for his final internship he decided to travel from Europe to the Southern tip of the African continent. He loves playing beach soccer, running, playing tennis, hiking, … You could definitely say he is an active guy. His favorite food is picanha as his father is Brazilian. He is always up for a braai or 2.


Our Blogger Kenneth

Thirdly, let us introduce Kenneth. He has just turned 23 and comes from Herentals, also close to Antwerp in Belgium. As mentioned before he traveled together with William to South Africa to intern at IH Cape Town. Kenneth has been dreaming of going abroad for a longer time since he was in High School. Now he is finally realizing his dream and enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience of living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. He enjoys walking, hiking, running and playing tennis. Kenneth is also always up for a night out in a restaurant or a beach day. His favorite food is sushi and the Belgian threesome: beer, chocolate and fries. Kenneth and William have started their own website for their South Africa trip. They will be blogging about their experience in Cape Town and at school. Check it out here: http://lifeincapetown2019.weebly.com/


You can find these three wonderful interns at the reception ready to help you out. All of them will be happy for you to join our social activities and explore Cape Town. They are also helping us on social media and many other things to improve our school and your experience with us.

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