Hi everyone! Today I (Charlotte) am going to tell you about my Kayak experience. A few weeks ago I found out that you can go kayaking in Cape Town and see animals from the ocean and the beautiful view of Cape Town at the same time. When I heard about it I got really excited and I really wanted to do it. So on the 17th of April me and a friend of mine decided to go kayaking with Kaskazi Kayaks.

Kaskazi Kayaks & adventures is a dedicated sea kayak centre, situated in the heart of Cape Town. Their office is situated in Sea point at Three Anchor Bay. They organize guided kayak trips 7 days a week – at 8am, 10:30 and 4pm. (On the weekends and public holidays they do an additional trip at 1pm) The trips are approximately 2 hours long and costs R350 per person. The fun thing is that you don’t need any previous kayaking experience so it’s suited for everyone (also for clumsy people like me). Besides the beautiful Table Mountain View, there is a possibility that you will see dolphins, sun fish, seals, penguins and more.

We decided to go at 8am in the weekend as the chance of seeing dolphins would be bigger in the morning. When my alarm went off at 7am I wasn’t sure if this was the best idea I’ve ever had.We went to Kaskazi kayaks where they checked our booking, we got a short briefing and after that we were ready to go.



We were with a group of 16 people divided into 8 kayaks. We went to the shore were we got our kayaks and the paddles. At that moment it was time to jump into the kayak. I wouldn’t be me if this didn’t go terribly wrong of course. My friend was already in the front of the kayak and after that it was my turn to get in the kayak. I put one foot in the kayak and then all of a sudden the kayak decided to float away (that flippin kayak). So one foot still on the ground and one foot in the kayak 1-meter away means I was doing a serious split. I managed to get my other foot in the kayak by jumping into the kayak and I am pretty sure this looked like a really (really really really) mindless move.

After the dumb start we started kayaking with all the other ones and two guides. We kayaked for 2 hours and we had a beautiful Cape Town view (when we were far away from the shore). We saw a lot of dolphins and a few seals and it was pretty amazing to see these animals in their own environment. They were swimming and jumping around the kayaks and they didn’t seem scary at all. De rest of the group was a little bit more experienced in kayaking, as we were 500 meters behind the rest of the group all the time. The paddles of my friend and me constantly crashed (by accident) and I think it seemed like we were fighting all the time (like a star wars light saber fight with paddles). But this definitely didn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy it.

After 2 hours of amazing view we kayaked back to the shore.

I really enjoyed the kayaking and I would definitely recommend it. You have the chance to see a lot of animals and there is an amazing ‘Cape Town’ view from the ocean. I would also recommend going in the morning because you will probably see more dolphins, have a beautiful sky and it feels great to go kayaking early in the morning.



(Check out the website of Kaskazi Kayaks: http://kayak.co.za)




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