Today I like to present you my class from this week. It was the B2.2 class (Upper-Intermediate) and our lovely teacher was Dani.


Here you see us sitting in our classroom and Dani explained us grammar.


All together we were five people from all over the world and in all ages. There was Victoria from Spain, Rayan fro Saudi Arabia, Svetlana from Russia, Özlem from Turkey and our teacher Dani from South Africa and finally me from Germany. It´s a really big chance to have multicultural classes because you can learn a lot from others about their culture, their way of life and their experiences! Also what helps you with your English – you learn to listen to different accents!

All of us students arrive in Cape Town for the same goal: we all want to improve our english and as our teacher said- we are all doing a great job!

Some came here because they need better english for their job like Victoria or Svetlana just likes to combine her holidays with making something good for her future and learn something new. Rayan has the big dream to study at the Univercity of Cape Town and wants to stay here for the next years but he needs to pass an english test at univercity and that´s why he go to school. And Özlem she loves Cape Town and got her permantent residence visa this week!

I also love Cape Town so much and it´s my seond time in this city! You will not find another place like this in the world and if you come here ones I believe that everyone will come here another time in his/her life! The first time I came here was to do an internship at International House Cape Town. This internship was in the afternoon and in the morning they offered me a free english course which I enjoyed that much that I came back to IH as a blogger.


Busy working – here we have a chat about our partners text- we learned how to  write a letter of complain.

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