Some tips on how to stay fit in
Cape Town!

Cape Town probably offers some of the best food and wine scenery in the entire world so it is not hard to live as a ‘bon vivant’ in this city. But it also offers some of the most amazing beaches like Clifton Beach, Bloubergstrand and of course Camps Bay.

So you want your summer body to be on point too. So how can you keep in shape in a foreign country… One option would be to go to the gym but that tends to be quite expensive… Another option would be to go out for a run every now and then which is entirely free of charge. It even hands you the opportunity to take in more of the city. You will probably discover areas you might have never been to. Also the climate allows outdoor living and sporting under the mild sun.

1.   Plan your tour ahead

Via Google Maps you can already figure out how many km’s you would like to run and which ways to take. This will prevent you from just keep on running for 10 km and ending up to run almost double it because you have to get back to your place of residence. Strava even (only in the paid version of the app) allows you to decide how many kilometers you want to run and will automatically figure out a tour for you. The Sea Point Promenade is always the first choice for our students as it is literally 50 m away from school.

2. Make sure you have data

You can plan your tour ahead, but if you do get lost somewhere or you would like to listen to some music while running a data plan will be of convenience for you. Luckily you can now grab your free SIM-card at the IH reception and top it easily up with some data so you can safely enjoy your run, listen to music or use your gps.

Sea Point Promenade
 3.   Enjoy the magnificent views

Plan your route via the best possible views. The Sea Point promenade is of course nice to run and offers you some amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Although the interns always run via Kloof Road which is situated around 50 meters higher than the promenade and offers some dramatic views of the beautiful Bantry Bay coast line and Clifton beaches. For the more experienced trial runner, you can even conquer Lions Head running!

4.   Sunrises and sunsets are the best time for running

During the day temperatures can easily rise up to 25 degrees which is too hot for running. If you are a morning person, sunrises are probably your best bet for a daily run. Get up early and start your day in a sporty way.

In the evenings a sunset run is probably the best closure a day can have. Take in the dramatic Cape Town skies which are colorful and the cool ocean breeze will allow you to enjoy your run in a mild temperature.

Sunset in Sea Point

Orange skies
5.   A run buddy will support you when things get tough & rough

Some people like to run by themselves but they tend to run too quickly. A run buddy will not only support you when you feel like not going out for a run that day, but also talking and running are the perfect combination to make sure your pace is just right. If you are able to talk fluently, you are training as they call it ‘in the zone’. And it is of course a great opportunity to practice your English!

6.   Join the IH running team each Wednesday for a Sunset Run

Each Wednesday interns Kenneth & William are organizing a Sunset Run. 5 km at a modest pace along the Sea Point Promenade depending on the group. A tour of 10 km is also a possibility. Feel free to join them on this great activity (Yes, we will have definitely have an ice cream afterwards).

Come and ask at reception 🙂

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