This week is very special and exciting for us students because we have a level test this week.

If you pass this test you can go to an upper level in the following week and everyone wants to get into a higher level 😉

The lasts weeks the teachers prepared us for the test  so that we feel quiet comfortable with the grammar, our writing, speaking,… but as usual there are some students who are stressed because of the test.

The whole test procedure started on wednesday with a speaking test. I was very surprised this time because we had a very simple test. Our task was to introduce ourselves and that was it. So we were in the test for just about 5 minutes. And you don´t have to go to the test alone. The examiner always makes groups of two to three people.

Usually you will be ask about yourself or the examiner show you a picture and you have to describe it or to compare it with another picture. After that you normally have a little discussion with your partner but every examiner chooses their own questions and you never know exactly what they will ask you.

After everyone was tested we had our normal break and then we continued our course as usual.

Today we had the second part of our test. In the first half of the morning (from 10 am to 10:40 am) we had a listening test. It was so easy and I´m happy that I got 100 per cent right. The task was to choose out of four people who said what. Moreover, we could here it twice.

After breaktime our language, reading and writing skills were tested. This was very hard for us ! But we have to wait until tomorrow for these results… Hopefully all of us will pass the exam but I believe in it 😉

Testing week is nothing to stress about. Also if you don´t pass the exam you have the chance to see which categories you have to focuse at. So it´s not all about passing!





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