Capetonians tend to be sporty people. They play rugby, tennis, cricket and as you read in our last blog post they like running too. But with all those mountain tops to discover, hiking is of course a sport itself here in Cape Town.

The three new interns have already conquered two hikes together with the students as a social activity. All hikes were accessible for everyone who is (kind of) fit and takes his/her time to hike at their own pace.

All the way up to Lion’s Head

Cape Town’s famous sunset hike

Literally situated in the back garden of International House Cape Town is Lion’s Head or in Afrikaans Leeuwenkop (the little mountain tip on the left in the photo). The 669-meter top offers a spectacular view over the Atlantic Ocean, Sea Point and the City Center.

The hike starts at a parking lot where you can quickly grab a coffee and something small to eat. (Yes, a guilty pleasure is allowed when you start this beautiful hike). You can easily reach the Lion’s Head parking lot via Uber. If you are a big group, we  recommend sharing an Uber XL as this cuts the costs significantly.

The hike is fairly easy and accessible for everyone. Along the way you enjoy some absolutely fabulous views of Sea Point. You can even spot the school building from high above.

Towards the end the hike gets more challenging and this includes chains, ladders and vertical climbs. There is also an easier option which takes slightly longer but still remains feasible for everyone who is in good shape.

We reached the top after about 1.5 hours. We took some nice pictures which you can find on our Instagram. Do not forget to follow us so you are up-to-date on all the social activities going on in our vibrant school. Afterwards, we returned and made our way down which took about 1 hour and was fairly easy for everyone.

There ain’t no (Table) Mountain high enough

Hiking up the highest Mountain in Cape Town

One of the 7 Nature Wonders of the World is located in Cape Town. The mythical Table Mountain can be reached by hiking or by cable car.

We, as sporty students, preferred the first option and hiked. There are several options to hike up Table Mountain, the one easier than the other. We took the Platteklip Gorge hike up which exists of steps, steps and even more steps but is still considered one of the easiest hikes up.

After about 2 hours we reached the top at a slow but steady pace so that everyone could cope. This hike requires a certain fitness as the steps get exhausting after a while.

students hiking up Table Mountain

Once you are on the top, you will be surprised to find out that the top is flat and you can easily walk around. (At least our Belgian interns were very surprised about that fact). The view over the Mother City, the Ocean and Lion’s Head are definitely worth the effort. We enjoyed the sunset and afterwards we queued to get on the cable car back down. Do not forget to bring your Student Card up to Table Mountain as you get a 50% discount as a student. A cheap deal you should not miss out!

Do you want to join us on one of our next hikes? Get information at the reception about hiking in Cape Town and definitely check out our video on the Table Mountain hike or our post on the Lion’s Head hike.




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