Today I want to share my experience at Gold restaurant in Cape Town. Gold restaurant is a unique African restaurant where you can experience a traditional, African evening in a restaurant located in Green point. You can eat typical African dishes while you are enjoying interactive traditional entertainment.

On Saturday night I went there with a big group of friends. We arrived at 6:20 pm and a very sweet lady dressed in traditional African clothes helped us to our table. The restaurant was huge and there are many different areas. (Separate areas for people who had dinner without the show) Our table was located in the main area which was decorated in a traditional African way. The Area consisted of a lot of different tables and a stage where the shows take place. Our table was beautifully decorated and on everyone’s chair was a djembé.


After everyone arrived, the Djembé class started. There was a guy on the stage who taught us (approximately 4 groups of 20 people) a lot of different tunes. When I looked around during the Djembé class I could see all the stress relief and aggression that everyone smashed into their djembes. Even the people older than 65 years were smashing that djembe like they probably never did before (At least I hope they never did).  It was wonderful to see that you can make such great music with just a simple instrument and a few basic tunes. And it gets even better when everyone does it at the same time.

After the djembe class we got our food. We all had tomato soup as a starter and we also got a few other dishes (ostrich samosas, spinach balls and more). After that we got big sharing dishes with chicken, springbok, couscous and more. We finished our 14-course dinner with a nice dessert. All dishes were for sharing (not my biggest strength) with the other ones so you don’t need to order your own food and there is no need to make (hard) decisions. The food was typical African and it was great to taste it. Especially because a lot of people (including me) would never order these kinds of dishes themselves because they are not familiar with it or they just don’t like the idea of it. So this is a great way to taste a small bite of different kind of dishes from the African kitchen.



During dinner we got 3 amazing shows which consisted of African people in African clothes who danced and sang on typical African djembé music. They told a kind of story in combination with music, dancing and singing.

The Atmosphere in the restaurant was amazing and everyone enjoyed it. It was quite expensive but it’s so worth it. So if you are looking for a full African (traditional) experience, you should definitely visit Gold. (Website:


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