Hi everyone! My name is Marta and I’m one of the school’s interns.

This is the first blog post I’ve written! As I am a student at IH Cape Town, in this post I will try to answer the so-called “Frequently asked questions”. I mean the common concerns, questions or objections that all of the students have and ask before coming here. Including questions, I asked myself!

So let’s start!

  • What is the profile of the students at Ih Cape Town?

Actually, there isn’t a specific profile of students at IH Cape Town and there aren’t requirements to be a student at our school. IH Cape Town is literally a mixture of people of different cultures, ages, habits and from different countries.

There are university students, high school students and workers who come here for the same goal: studying  English. And the school is amazing for this reason, you can meet a lot of friends from all over the world, manage to communicate with them and understand how big and various the world is.

  • When and how do I need to enrol?

There are different ways to enrol in our school. First of all, you can contact the school by sending an e-mail or call, contact information is on the website. You can even do a live chat with one of our colleagues in a pop-up window on the IH cape town website.

Another way is booking through an agency in your home country so that they can help and support you in all the stages to enrol in the school.

On the other hand, if you’re already here in Cape Town and you want to start an English course you can just come to the reception and fill in a registration form.

You can basically book your course any time. Some courses like our Standard and Intensive English course always have space. Other courses do not run as frequently so we might need to check availability and need a little heads up from you.


  • When does the course start?

The school offers different courses (standard English course, intensive English course, business English course…) and all of them start every Monday!

The exam preparation courses IELTS and TOEFL start on the 1. Monday of each month and Cambridge exam preparation have set dates during the year. If you are interested just get in touch and we can tell you the next available date.

Private lessons and our English for specific purpose courses start on request. We need some time to organize a teacher etc, so having the booking a little bit in advance is important.

No sooner have you made new friends, new students arrive every Monday and the group enlarge more and more!

  • Why come to IH Cape Town?

The answer is very easy! Cape Town is a wonderful city, trust me!

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you can’t miss the opportunity to visit this stunning and amazing place. Cape Town has something for everyone, with its perfect climate, natural setting, fancy city centre and different attractions and activities! There are mountains (the pretty iconic Table Mountain), beaches and wine lands, so we are very lucky in that way.

And our school is perfect, as well. There is a friendly and enjoyable environment. All the staff is helpful and available and the teachers are skilled and well-qualified.

At IH Cape Town you can learn English in a very funny and, at the same time, super efficient way!

  • Are there other languages spoken in school?

Well, even though IH Cape Town is a mixture of people from all over the world, here we just speak English! Indeed, if you want to pick up a language it’s important to use it every day. Not only do you improve English by taking classes, but also by speaking it in every kind of situation! Don’t hesitate!

  • Are the materials included?

Yes! All the course materials are included. In general, the teachers give us photocopies with exercises, articles to read, papers and so on. Moreover, it’s possible to borrow some books from the school: we have a library with grammar books and a lot of reading books for all levels.


  • What can I do after class?

Every week we interns organise social activities for the students. Activities such as Lions Head and Table Mountain hike, karting, soccer, club and restaurant nights, wine tastings, student parties and a lot of other interesting and fun activities!

So you can join us every afternoon or also venture with some friends! There is so much to do in Cape Town. You never will be bored!

And if you really just came to study, the school is open till late in the evening. You can study at school.  Use the internet, do some free online exercises in the computer room or practice vocabularies with your friends.


  • How do I know what level I am?

On the first Monday when you arrive at school, everyone takes a 2-hour test which includes grammar, reading, writing and speaking. In the afternoon the result is available and each student is placed at their right level which can be from beginner to advanced level. If you feel you are not at the right level after a few days you can speak to the Director of Studies and she will discuss with you if you can and should move a level.


  • Do I get a certificate?

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate that attests that you have been a student at IH Cape Town and certifies your English level. However, if you take your classes seriously and do your homework, you will receive your certificate! You need to attend at least the 80% of your course’s total hours. Also try to be active in class in order to improve as well as possible!


  • What if I am sick and miss class?

Don’t worry! If you are sick and don’t feel well some days you can warn the school or the teacher and there’s no problem if you miss class! There are many ways to inform the school about your absence in class, you can send an email, a whats app, call the school or tell a friend to inform them. If you already know the day before that you won’t be able to come to school the next day you can speak to us in person. So there is no excuse for you not to let the school know 😉


  • How can I contact the school?

On your first day, the school will provide you with a student card. This student card contains the contact details of IH Cape Town as well as an emergency phone number. As mentioned you can also find the contacts on the website of IH Cape Town. However, in general, the teachers create whats app groups in which the students can inform and warn about everything.


I hope my answers are clear and satisfactory! If you have any other kind of questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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