7 Ideas for Using Technology to Learn English Faster and Easier

7 Ideas for Using Technology to Learn English Faster and Easier

Learning English today is so much easier and accessible, thanks to new and improved technology. Learning English as a second language can be challenging on your own but thankfully there are hundreds of tools and resources available to make the process easier and more convenient. Here are 7 ideas for using technology to learn English faster and easier!

  • Enroll in an Online English Language Course

Remote and distance learning is even better than before with online course options. Online English language classes provide structured lessons based on your starting level, assignments, evaluations, listening and speaking exercises, and much more. You will have the support and guidance of a qualified English teacher, with appropriate credentials to take you through your English language learning journey. As a new student who may not be able to afford to travel to a native English country to study, an online English language course is a great start to fuel future goals.

  • Language Learning Apps

There are many apps for mobile and PC that are centred around learning languages on your own time. Long-standing industry names such as Rosetta Stone, and Duolingo are popular choices among users who want to learn a language casually in their spare time. These apps are great for supplementing structured English lessons online or in person as well.  

You can also use vocabulary-building apps like Memrise or Quizlet to expand your English vocabulary. These apps use flashcards, spaced repetition techniques, and mnemonic devices to help you memorize new words effectively. Since many people today spend a lot of time on their phones, it’s quite easy to download the mobile app versions of these programs and start using them productively.

  • Create Immersion with TV shows and Movies

One of the best ways to learn English, or any other language is immersion. This means surrounding yourself with the language you are trying to learn through speaking, listening, and exposure to culture. Some students have the opportunity to learn English in a native English environment, but for others, there is a way to create a similar approach using technology. This can be done by watching TV shows, movies, or documentaries in English with subtitles. This helps improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary, and overall understanding of the language. You can access English-language content on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube for example.

  • Join Online Communities

There are many online communities focused on language learning, such as Reddit’s r/languagelearning. Online communities like these allow you to engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek advice from fellow learners and native English speakers. Facebook groups and other language-learning forums are also easily accessible and user-friendly ways to get more exposure to English.

You may also want to consider language exchange platforms that can connect you to native English speakers who in turn want to learn your language. You can practice conversation, get feedback, make friends and help each other advance language skills.

  • Play Language Games

Games are a fun way to test your knowledge and make learning English more interactive if you are doing it on your own. Play language learning games like that combine gamification with vocabulary and grammar exercises. These interactive games make language learning more engaging and enjoyable. If you have trouble staying motivated or get bored easily, playing games can help to break the monotony of traditional study.

  • Listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks

Another tech-savvy way to learn English in an immersive way is to listen to English podcasts and audiobooks. In doing so will help to improve your listening skills and familiarize yourself with natural English conversations. Some popular choices include EnglishClass101, TED Talks, and BBC Learning English. This method is especially convenient for times when you can’t actively look at your phone or PC when commuting, driving, walking in public, or even doing chores at home. All you need is a pair of earbuds or speakers!

  • Download English Grammar worksheets

There are many free resources that English language learners can take full advantage of to help in their ESL journey. Worksheets are great tools to practice and test your skills as you learn about different topics in grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  • Benefits of using technology to boost your language learning

Technology makes language learning more accessible and convenient via apps, remote classes, and ESL websites. Apart from the convenience of studying English at your own pace, technology also makes it easier for learners to stay motivated by using interactive tools such as games, quizzes, videos, and podcasts. Teachers can also use the same resources to supplement their structured programs and even incorporate some of them into their courses.

Learning English via the use of technology is also more cost-effective than travelling to a native English country to study. Many students may also find it daunting to enroll in local English courses in their area due to high costs. Online lessons and the vast amount of low-cost and free resources are a more affordable route to get started on an English language journey.


Technology has certainly made it more convenient and possible for students to learn English no matter where they are in the world. If it’s not online English lessons, it’s apps, software and resources found on the internet that play a big role in how much practice and exposure a student can get to English before they are able to travel to a native English setting. In many cases, it’s due to technology that sparks an interest in language learning and the accessibility to a myriad of resources to make that goal more achievable!