Top Things to Do During Winter in Cape Town

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town around winter time, don’t be dismayed. Even though the weather is cool and often rainy in the winter months, there is still so much to see and do while you’re in the city. Cape Town has a bustling winter agenda with amazing indoor and outdoor experiences that you can only truly appreciate at that time of year. Here are some of the best winter activities everyone should experience when spending winter in Cape Town!

Visit Coffee Shops

What’s more cozy than a steaming hot cup of coffee on a cold, wet day? If you’re craving your caffeine fix but also want to experience a certain ‘vibe’ while you sip on your brew, Cape Town has much to offer. It’s going to hard to choose the best coffee shop because there is such variety in the exotic beans offered and the overall vibe and aesthetics. There’s something for everyone and every preference. From biker themed shops to vintage and modern cafés, whatever your mood is, you can find a coffee shop in Cape Town that will cater to your needs. 

Check Out Museums

It’s no secret that Cape Town is full of culture, with a rich historical background. The Iziko Museums of South Africa are definitely something for your bucket list. Iziko Museums consist of 11 national museums located in Cape Town. Each location has something unique to offer. You can find amazing natural history exhibitions, social history archives, art collections, educational tours, and so much more. Dive deep into the history of South Africa, and the world at large with the vast collections of artifacts, fossils and important pieces of history of on display. As an added bonus, Iziko museums are all housed in historical buildings. If you are a fan of architecture, the mere buildings alone are a marvel!

Visit Indoor Markets and Shopping Centres

When you hear the words market and shopping, it may make you picture a boring, uncomfortable day of endless browsing, crowds and frustration. However, the markets in Cape Town are far from ordinary. They are hubs for entertainment, recreation, food and so much more than just retail. Let’s explore the top 3 indoor markets in Cape Town and why you need to visit them all. 

  1. Mojo Market – Mojo Market is essentially an all in one stop. You can experience shopping in comfort, exploring the large range of eats and drinks and even book a hotel stay all in one place. Mojo Market always has a calendar of events which allow visitors to experience live music, fitness classes, sport events and more. 
  2. Canal Walk Shopping Centre – Canal Walk  is home to a variety of stores that offer luxury items, clothing, and shoes. There are also many cafés and restaurants, each with unique menus from sushi to artisanal pizza and more. At Canal Walk you can also find a multi-screen cinema that offers 2D, 3D and 4DX movie experiences. You can check out the latest blockbuster hits or even concerts at the Nu Metro screens located at Canal Walk. 
  3. V&A Waterfront – The V&A Waterfront is located on, as the name states, the waterfront. This means that you can get mesmerizing views of the ocean while you dine, shop and explore the various activities the waterfront has to offer. There are many attractions at the waterfront like chartered boats tours, art museums and even helicopter tours which will definitely appeal to your adventurous side. Kids will also enjoy the waterfront activities as some of the boat rides are themed (e.g pirate ship). 

It will definitely take more than one day to really explore all that these shopping centres have to offer! You should plan ahead and check out what events or attractions will be happening in the winter during your stay and jot them down into your daily planner. 

Go Whale Watching

Every year between June and November, Cape Town locals are blessed with a sight of the gorgeous southern right whales. They migrate from Antarctica to Cape Town to give birth to offspring during these months. You can book a spot with a whale watching boat to secure your seat to witness these amazing creatures. Other species of whales are also present at this time such as humpback whales. Most charters will give a tour of the best whale watching sites, as well as bird watching. 

Try a Trail Run

If you’re a fitness buff or just love the outdoors, there are many trails to explore in Cape Town. Each trail has varying degrees of difficulty so it’s important to research the terrain and route before trekking. The sheer beauty of the natural environment on the trails are certainly worth the effort!

Take a Ride on the Wine Tram

If wine is your passion, say no more. Cape Town has a unique attraction that every wine connoisseur must try if they’re in town. The Franschhoek Wine Tram takes you across 7 wine estates and you can choose between the “hop on, hop off” experience to adventure on your own or bask in a curated wine tasting experience. Take a ride on the wine tram for a relaxing, scenic and delectable experience, any time of year and especially in the winter!


There is so much fun to be had during the winter months in Cape Town. Cape Town offers such variety, whether you are a tourist, a student on holiday or a local with extra time to spare. Gather some friends or take a solo trip around the various attractions mentioned in this article and enjoy!