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Glückliche Studenten


Online teaching has been a great experience for me. My students are comfortable and relaxed as they are working from the comfort of their own homes. I enjoy adapting the materials we would use in a face-to-face classroom to meet my students’ needs and interests and to be able to work with them online


I was surprised to see how quick my students learn new language and how well they remember and use it the next day. I think it is because the online lessons are personalized to their needs and interests and it makes them engage more. There are also less distractions in online lessons so they are more focussed on the material and less on the environment. I have enjoyed seeing their progress.


I started an email conversation with one of my online students instead of doing the normal informal email standard task in the coursebook for homework. I found it made the interaction so much more real and personal. In the email, he said ‘I like your teaching method that is easy and clear’. Online learning is different and lessons must be adapted but my students are more focussed and have made good progress. They can prepare before and do some work after the lesson and this means that we achieve a lot in a short time online.

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