You are an adrenalin junkee or you just like to make someting which you will remember your whole life? -Go on a Garden Route Tour or just rent a car and go to the Bloukrans Bridge to make the highest bungee jump which is the world´s highest bungee bridge  at 216 metres (709 ft) above the Bloukrans River. And it is just a 6 hours drive from Cape Town. So don´t miss the chance to do it!

If you are too scared to jump, you also have the option to buy a ticket just to follow your friends on the Bridge. It costs 150 Rand. Some people who are walking on the bridge see their friends jumping and after that they also want to jump. No problem – You can also buy your ticket to jump on the bridge. The jump costs about 950 Rand if you buy it at the ticket office and 900 Rand if you book your jump online.



To talk about my own experience: I was really scared when I was on the bridge but luckely I wasn´t the first one who had to jump. After I saw a couple of people jumping I wasn´t that scared any more and you will see how happy they are when they arrive back at the bridge.

When it was my time to jump, I just closed my eyes, didn´t think about anything and the assisting people on the Bridge sa: “One, two, bungee!” And you automatically jump. When you arrive at the lowest point you will feel so happy! Moreover, I really enjoyed hanging there after I realised that I will not die. The whole jump will takes about 2 to 3 minutes (from the jump until you are back on the bridge) and you really don´t have to worry because it is 100 per cent safe! For me it was one of the best experiences in my entire life and I would love to jump again! You become addicted of jumping 😉





If you like to know some more about the bungee jump, visit the following webside:


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