Our German intern & student Robin is already dreaming about all the things he wants to do when lockdown in South Africa is over. In this blog post he tells us his 10 things he is missing the most about Cape Town.

When lockdown in South Africa was announced in March he decided not to go back home to Germany but rather rent a cool big house in Blouberg with other friends and students from IH Cape Town to spend the time in isolation together.

All the awesome activities they used to do together are now on hold and everyone is excited for lockdown to end so Table Mountain can be climbed again, classmates seen again in school and sunsets enjoyed from Lion’s Head.

1. Signal Hill Sunset

I went for plenty of sunsets on top of Signal Hill. I would probably also spend my first evening after the lockdown there as well. It is an amazing place to end an evening with your friends. From the flat-topped hill you will find uninterrupted views from the Atlantic Ocean, the harbor, Robben Island and the entire city. Take some snacks, cool drinks and your sound speaker with you. Small hint: don’t use the first sitting area on the right sight. Go a little bit further straight ahead. There are two platforms on the right side, which offer you better views.

people sitting on Signal Hill enjoying the sunset
The views from Signal Hill over Sea Point and the Atlantic Ocean
People watching a sunset

2. Going back to IH Cape Town

Seeing students from all over the world every day, studying and having fun in the morning lessons with cool teachers and working afterwards at the reception with nice colleagues together is something I really look forward to again.

This school is undoubtedly more than just a place to learn English. It feels like being part of a big international family. You can make great friendships while having a time linked with good memories which you will probably always remember in your life.

Even during lockdown now we are still very much connected, with students and teachers and me as an intern with the office staff. Follow them on instagram to stay connected as well.

The school building of IH Cape Town from outside

3. Maaya Restaurant and Bar

Sign of a bar

In Cape Town you have a lot of opportunities to celebrate the whole night through. After spending weeks in quarantine, I can easily imagine how big the desire for many people will be to go out again. The Maaya Restaurant and Bar doesn’t only offer you tempting food and drinks, at a late hour the upper part also changes into a night club with good music. In my view a location that provides good requirements to enjoy an electrifying night with your friends.

4. Table Mountain Hike

My next tip for after lockdown is a sporty one. If you want to get rewarded for a 2-hour hike (average time), you should definitely climb Table Mountain. Not only the view on top is unique, but you will also have breathtaking sceneries during the hike. Even if you will need 4 hours to get on top, give it a shot- it’s worth it!

The views you see from Table Mountain with Lion's Head and Robben Island

5. Mojo Food-market

I went to this place for lunch almost every day during the week. You have lots of choices and a wide range of different national cuisines. From the trendy and vitalizing Poke Bowl from Hawaii, over the classy but not less delicious Italian Pizza to varying dishes from Asian, Israeli, Indian, American, Mexican or other international cuisines. My recommendation: The Pan Fried Beef Wrap from Vagabond and a smoothie of your choice at Beetbox RX.

6. Doing sports on the sea coast

To live in a city located directly by the sea is a big privilege in my view. Even if I really like my hometown Berlin, it would be a reason for me to move to one of those big cities by the sea. After spending weeks in our homes during lockdown, only being allowed to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, we should take the chance to breath some fresh sea air on the coast while we are exercising. It doesn’t matter for what: using the Sea Point outdoor gym or pools or just to go jogging, cycling or doing yoga along the promenade.

7. Surfing at Muizenberg Beach

‚Excuse me where did you learn how to surf?’ 

‘Dude, Muizenberg Beach da-ah!’

25 minutes outside of Cape Town you will find the beautiful Muizenberg beach. It is one of the best spots in South Africa to ride a wave. Though the beach is the main attraction, there’s more to Muizenberg than just sand and water. There are a lot of shops, restaurants and coffee shops located just along the beachfront.
And now you might say that we are approaching colder weather and after lockdown summer has long gone. That is true, but surfing in winter is actually often better. The beaches are empty and the water is (ironically) warmer.

2 guys at the beach with big blue surf boards

8. Beach day at Clifton

The white sand and crystal clear water of Clifton’s four beaches is just stunning. Playing beach volleyball, swimming in the freezing sea or just watching the sunset with your friends, no matter what time- this place is always a good choice and perfect for after lockdown!

Just look at the picture below, I don’t need to say any more 😉

people sitting at the beach in Clifton

9. Lion‘s Head hike

And of course, not only Signal Hill and Table Mountain are a must do here. The Lion’s Head trail is the most popular among the Cape’s many hikes. It’s relatively short, offers a great workout, and the views from the summit are well worth the trip. At 669 meters above sea level, its peak offers scenic views of the city, Table Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of people either hike early in the morning for sunrise or late in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset from the top. In the evening once it is dark, Lion’s Head often looks like a lit-up Christmas tree as you can see the torch lights from everyone descending.

people taking a break during a hike of Lion's Head
Group picture of hikers on Lion's Head

10. Sunset and drinks in Camps Bay

Last but not least: Sunsets in Camps Bay. Camps Bay was my first little excursion when I arrived here in Cape Town. And I am still remembering this day very well because of the impressive Panorama. Besides the outstanding beach, you can find plenty of trendy restaurants and bars along the beach road. The most popular one is Cafe Caprice which provides the perfect backdrop during sunset. DJ’s fill the space with laid back music from Thursday to Sunday with a deep, chilled house soundtrack. Other good locations are Tiger’s Milk, The Bungalow or The 41.

sunset at a beautiful beach with people silhouettes

Lockdown is hard on all of us. It’s hard mentally and physically to be stuck at home 24/7 but we do it because it is vitally important. Thinking and dreaming about all the fun things we want to do once we are able to leave the house again is a great way to get through this tough time. But we also need to make sure that we behave responsibly after lockdown and adhere to social distancing and the rules applied by the government. Most of these tips are easy to do even when we still need to keep 1-2 m distance from the next person. Nearly all amazing locations and activities in Cape Town are outdoors.

And whilst you wait to do all these fun activities, check out our blog post about 10 tips to improve your English during social distancing. 

These are Robin’s tips and places he wants to visit again. Tells us what yours are 🙂 

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