Youth at Risk

This programme is a consultative and co-ordinated implementing body made up of seven local organisations serving youth in the Western Cape area. This partnership allows for a holistic, multi-disciplinary strategy to develop, with activates implemented in an integrated manner.


The main focus is:

  • Prevention - Ensuring youth don`t drop out of society
  • Reintegration - Helping youth that have dropped out of society to be reintegrated
  • Rural Development - Addressing the unique needs of rural youth
  • Solidarity - Creating opportunities to bring youth of different backgrounds and cultures together
  • Sustainability - Ensuring the future growth of the partnership and that all legal requirements are met.

  • Min Duration: 1 Week
  • Arrival City: Cape Town


  • FREE 3 Day (Thurs-Sun) Y2A Orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Host Family/Volunteer House/Backpackers & 2meals
  • Cape Peninsular Tour
  • 2 Free Surf lessons
  • Socials
  • Project Transport to/from Volunteer project