Why choose the Demi Pair Programme?

The Demi Pair programme is designed for students who want to volunteer and live with a South African family while they follow part time language studies in Cape Town. The programme is only open to female applicants over the age of eighteen, who have at least have an Intermediate level of English, to enable them to communicate with the family.

Do I need prior experience in childcare?

Yes, prior childcare experience is a must.

A Demi Au-Pair is not a qualified nanny, Au Pair or Teacher; she works in the capacity of a helping hand, an assistant to the Mother/Father sharing the duties of housework and child minding as required by the Mother/Father of the family. The student is required to supply her qualifications (if she has any), list her experience of child minding and association with children and if possible supply references from the parents of any children she has taken care of.

Do I choose the family?

No, the International House coordinator for the Demi Pair Program does the match based on the requirements of the family matching your application.

How long do I have to stay with a family?

You should be prepared to accept a Demi Pair Placement for a minimum of 3 months, with a maximum period of 6 months with a family.

Is it safe?

Yes, all placements are monitored. Participating host families are well-informed and always welcome International students. You live as a member of the family and become part of the family, experiencing South African culture and lifestyle.

Can I change families? Or leave the family?

Yes, but you can only change host family with the permission of the International House Demi Pair Coordinator.

Do I earn money as a Demi Pair?

No, you exchange 20 hours of duties for full board accommodation. You might be paid for extra Babysitting but this will have to be discussed with your host family.

Can I work elsewhere and earn Money?

No, you will be in South Africa on a Volunteer Visa, which does not allow you to work.

How to apply?

If you are interested in our Demi Pair programme, please send Sabine an email: sabine@ihcapetown.com