I would like to thank Ih Cape Town for the beautiful time. I had the possibility to get to know amazing people from different countries of the world.

Marie Ritter :Germany

I am able to say that I'm a better person because of Ih Cape Town. Ih Cape Town offered me the opportunity to meet new people; to be more open-minded and I am really thankful for it.

Elizabeth Djanie Badjoko-Wa-Lileko :Congo

Ih Cape Town is an amazing English school. It’s location in Sea Point makes it a safe place, with a safe surrounding. Teachers are awesome. Each teacher has unique qualities and is very loveable. I don’t regret any second I spent here. I truly fell in love with the school and with Cape Town.

Salmah Hani H. Sait :Saudi Arabia

I really improve my conversation and my English level. I met a lot of new friends. I am delighted about the school and the teachers.

Carlos Climent :Spain

Ih is an amazing school. The teachers do their best to make sure that we students learn the language in a way that we won’t forget. Besides the teachers, the staff is like a family, takes care of us very well.

Milena Silva :Brazil

I had a great time at IH! I made some friends and I would love to stay for more time. It was absolutely amazing and I hope I can come back with my sister one day.

Rebeca Lanziloti :Brazil

I had the best moment of my life in IH Cape Town. I’m going to miss you guys.

Lucia Elisa Benza Tito :Angola

International House Cape Town is the best English school I have ever been at. People here are very nice and friendly. They make me feel like I’m at home.

Tulinda Nangueve Paulo Ventura :Angola

Thank you for everybody: for my classmates, my teachers. I think the school is like my home. I learned a lot and it’s not only about English

Amna Ali Abdulsalam Ashour :Libya

It was a great experience to learn English at IH Cape Town! I really loved it. The people are kind and very nice!

Nivia Aniele Oliveira :Brazil

I have really been enjoying my time at IH Cape Town and I can definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his English skills. The atmosphere in the school is quite international, with students from all around the world. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with friendly people and has to offer a lot. Special thanks to my teacher Mohammed who is an awesome teacher and to the super helpful and friendly staff. I was having a great time in Cape Town and I am looking forward to returning soon.

Markus Gidon Pelikan :Germany

I really like the atmosphere of the school and all the teachers are really friendly. I have the feeling that I’ve traveled to many countries because of all the people I’ve met here.

Ghazal Rahmanianhaghighi :Iran

Firstly I would like to thank Charnel, my teacher for her great dedication to me. Also thank to all my classmates and specially my partner in crime, Sasan for making my time in CT easy and enjoyable. And finally thank to all the directors and staff for running such a smooth system at this school and organising many interesting activities. I have been at IH for two months and although I have to return to Spain I will always carry the memories from my time spent here with me. Thank everybody P.S. "Life is beautiful"

Jose Miguel Campos Naches :Spain

I had a great time at IH Cape Town. It was very fascinating for me, because I felt very welcome. I’d like to come back one day.

Winnie :Angola

I am first to thank my teacher for his efforts because when I arrived, I knew nothing in English. Thanks to him, I started a conversation and understanding. Thank you very much everyone at IH Cape Town!

Sika :Gabon

Cape Town is probably one of the best places in the world to do an English Course and IH Cape Town was a great choice. I absolutely recommend it!

Manuel :Spain

The time that I spent at IH Cape Town was pretty amazing. The teachers are ready to help you and they really won’t to see your improvement. If I come back to study in Cape Town again, I want to be at the IH school again! Thank you all, guys!

Lyana :Brazil

I would recommend IH Cape Town because it has good accommodation, teachers, structure and the location is better. At IH Cape Town, I met people of different continents and cultures. I learned something, that in my country I would have never learned. At IH Cape Town, I learned more than English, I learned to respect other cultures and about South Africa history.

Simone :Brazil

The teachers are really competent and friendly, the accommodation is in really good condition and the entire team is available to the students!

Fernanda :Brazil

At school I met amazing people, met a new culture and improved my English. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

Suhylla :Brazil

I had a great time in Cape Town. The city is awesome; there are lots of things to do and to visit. IH Cape Town is a great school, excellent teachers that work hard for the improvement of our English skills. Thanks everyone! Especially teacher Mohammed! I had a great time here!

Larlecianne :Brazil

IH Cape Town has excellent teachers, I like them because they are so friendly and they have the skills to make you understand anything. Not just about the English language, but also about life. I have met people I’ve never seen before, so friendly and honest. And if you need them, they are there for you. I like the social activities at school, like football and climbing Lion’s Head. I feel comfortable at IH, everything fits me. I had the best time here, and I will come back to IH Cape Town to improve my English more and more. The service at IH Cape Town is very nice and they always try to make you happy and give you what you need. Lastly, I want to say thank you for everything, in my opinion, IH is the best in Cape Town!

Abdullah Qasem Abdullah Al-Batati :Yemen

The possibility to meet people of many African countries is very profitable. The school is well organized. The audience is pleasant and enjoyable. Thanks!

Aldo Gasperotti :Italy

In Ih Cape Town I received much love from everyone and I'm proud of what I've learned and the people I've met. Thanks for everything. See you in Madrid!

Lorena Jarillo Pena :Spain

Ih Cape Town help me to learn English. I say thank you, because today I can speak, write and read in English. Thank you to Ih Cape Town and my teachers, Lisa and Cherry.

Prefina J. Belgrace Gassongo Sow :Congo

I highly recommend IH Cape Town to those who are seeking a serious and competent academy for preparing for any English official exam. In my case, as I only had three months to spend in Cape Town, I decided to pursue 2 to 3 hours per day of private lessons with teacher Elaine Wigglesworth. I have to point out that due to her extensive knowledge, valuable professionalism and endless dedication, it was a completely fulfilling experience! I would also like to extend my gratefulness to all the IH's staff, who are extremely dedicated, capable and helpful.

Alba Madrid :Spain

I would like to thank the teachers. The teachers are very dedicated. I will tell my friends that the school is excellent. Thank you very much.

Gustavo Araujo :Brazil

I appreciate the help of everyone the whole time I was here. In particular my teacher Kai. Special thanks to Candice who supported me all the time.

Liliane Millan :Brazil

It was a pleasure to study here, I liked it very much. The staff, the structure, my classmates, I'm thankful for all. My host family was also a good choice. South Africa is beautiful like Rio de Janeiro. I recommend International House Cape Town for my Brazilian friends. Thank you. Once day I'll come back!

Suellen Barcelos :Brazil

A good school to improve English language in a short time period. Has got good teachers and methodologies ways of teaching and also kind teachers

Ernesto Pedro Chianga :Angola

Firstly I have to say thank you God for this amazing opportunity and also be grateful to all Ih Cape Town staff. It was the best time of my life so far

Edemir Patricio Barroso Samuel :Angola

My experience at IH Cape Town was absolutely amazing. Here I found all the prerequisites that I was looking for. There is a methodology where I was always focused with different activities, both inside and outside of the class. The idea of being immersed in another culture made ​​the difference. I saw and felt my improvement, day by day. The staff was highly helpful and I am sure that I made great friends here. Cape Town deserves praise, in other words, I recommend this destination and I am totally satisfied with my investment and I intend to come back soon.

Oswaldo Caleffi de Lara :Brazil

I spent a wonderful time and learned a lot more than English. I've made amazing friends and owe it all to IH!

Gabriela :Brazil

Study in IH was very good. The teachers are very qualified and the school has an excellent structure. Interacted with people around the world. It was really a unique experience in my life. I recommend and will go back.

Andre Barcelos :Brazil

I met people from other countries, i felt like a teenager at 62 years old. The choice of the country South Africa was excellent. I found quality of life for an affordable price.

Rosangela Maria De Martin Da Silva :Brazil

It was very interesting to live with students from many countries and trying to understand the different accents. Besides that, Cape Town is a very beautiful city, where it pays to stay and sight see.

Neusa Maria Gomida Baptista :Brazil

The school is located in one of the best places in Cape Town! Between the sea and mountains. It's easy to meet people in the school, many different nationalities coming to study. Good for French people because few people speak French and the coffee is free.

Brahim Benlarbi :France

Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm from Switzerland. I had an amazing time here in Cape Town! The beautiful landscape and sunsets with friendly and open-minded people were the best mixture you can have for your vacation. Moreover IH is not just a school, it gives the students the feeling to be at home in a foreign country and the teachers, managers and students are one great family. I will never forget this time and I will definitely come back! Melissa, Switzerland

Melissa :Switzerland

I'm here for 3 months now , i really enjoy in this school because there is great teachers and i met many friends from different countries.

Hamza :Saudi Arabia

I was a short time at IH, But all this time was special, I learned English, I met new people, I visited many places. All of IH are very dear and the teachers are very good !! There are many activities with other students to improve English When I see the photos of IH I miss it so much !! PS Guardalupe is amazing

Marcos :Brazil

After 4 months in IH, I can say that it has been the English immersion experience I was looking for. I couldn't have chosen a better school in Cape Town, not only for having such professional and friendly staff but also for meeting extraordinary people around the world. Strongly recommended!!

Ignacio :Spain

IH Cape Town is an excellent school for learning English. Located between the magic sea and the mysterious Table Mountain, it has ample class rooms, good teachers in a very pleasant environment

Felipe :Brazil

I would like to thank all of you for helping me to improve my English and I.H. is one of the best English school. Thank you!!!

Lise :Gabon

I’m leaving now more confident. The time wasn’t enough to speak well but I improved my listening (now I can understand a lot of people).

Sorte :Mozambique