Table Mountain

The cable car will take you to the very top of Table Mountain in about 5 minutes. On the way up you already get a taste of what’s ahead.

The rotating base allows you to see in all directions from the minute you leave the foot of the mountain.

Once at the top visitors can enjoy the awe-inspiring feeling of being 1,067 m above the world and take in the amazing views of the city below.

Plants and Animals:

Table Mountain is part of the Table Mountain National Park. With over 1,460 different types of plants, it contains the single most diverse flora in the world and has thus been pronounced a World Heritage Site. Some of the local flora includes the Cape Fynbos, vegetation found no where else on the planet.

Animal life is abundant as well. You can easily spot the Rock Hyrax (Procavia Capensis) better known as Dassies, porcupines, mongooses, girdled lizard, agamas, various snakes as well as butterflies. Birdlife includes the Redwinged Starlings, Cape Verreaux’s Eagles, Rock Kestrels and Sunbirds.

Guided Walks:

Daily there are two guided walks offered on Table Mountain, free of charge. The meeting point for there are at the Upper Cable Station at 10h00 and 12h00 respectively. These guided walks will take you 2 km along the top of the mountain where you will find many lookout points for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Cape Peninsula, Devils Peak, Table Bay, Sea Point and Clifton. You are even able to see some of Cape Town’s tourist attractions including the V&A Waterfront, Lions Head and Robben Island. And since the Soccer World Cup 2010 you can now have an eagles eye view of the Cape Town Soccer Stadium.


On the top of Table Mountain you will find a self-service restaurant and deli where you can sit, enjoy a glass of wine, some good food and take in the views from above the world. To compliment the restaurant there is a wonderful ice-cream parlour which serves the most delicious ice-cream. It tastes even better on the top of the mountain. There are three walks you can do on the top of Table Mountain. All three are well signed and are of a variety of lengths. The popular thirty-minute Agama Walk to gives visitors spectacular 360° views of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula. The longer Klipspringer Walk takes you along the edge of the plateau and ends above Platteklip Gorge. There is also a wheelchair route.

For more information about this attraction have a look at Table Mountain’s official website: Table Mountain