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Study & Work SA – Program Outline

In the past few years South Africa has become a popular destination for all travellers, in particular adventurous youth and student travellers.

In order to protect its own people from foreign competition, South Africa does not allow any foreign students to do paid work in South Africa. The only exception is a cultural exchange programme, which we offer in association with our partner organisations, SASTS Working Adventures, and Work Experience International (Pty) Limited (WEI).

The International House’s (IH) ‘Study & Work SA’ programmes provide young people with the opportunity to stay in a supportive and friendly environment when first arriving in Cape Town. This allows them to become comfortable with the language and culture before transferring to a project or workplace. There are several types of work for which our students with a cultural exchange visa would be eligible. Each programme includes the attendance on an initial (minimum) 4-week Standard English study course, including accommodation in a superior twin room.

Eligibility for a Cultural Exchange Visa

  • Open to full-time tertiary level students or recent (6 months) graduates.
  • Age range restricted to 18-25 years old.
  • Must have sufficient funds for 2 months living expenses (post study).
  • Applicants must accept the conditions of the non-placed and placed work programmes.

Cultural Exchange Visa Requirements

The length of the Visa is 12 months and would be issued in accordance with flight details i.e. from date of arrival in South Africa.

However, issuances can differ from Country to Country, and sending organisations may need to contact their Consulates for further information on visa restrictions.

It must be applied for at least 3 months prior to the intended dates of travel and applicants will have to provide the following as a minimum:

  • Proof of student status
  • Copy of CV/resume
  • Copy of valid travel insurance
  • Validated copy of passport (valid for 13 months after arrival date)
  • Police clearance
  • Copy of medical certificate

There is no better way to study, travel and work around South Africa than on the IH ‘Study & Work SA’ programme.

One can sample the real everyday South Africa whilst meeting the locals and, in some cases, earn money to cover personal expenses at the same time.

It’s a great opportunity for young people to add a line to their resumes, to be totally independent, make new friends and visit some incredible places.

Non-placed Paid work

Hospitality / Tourism / Call Centre Industry / Advertising & Marketing / General Business

Nature of the Work Applicant’s Responsibility

Programme Includes: Cultural Exchange Visa- Valid for 1 year

4 weeks Standard English course

Study and Work English Language CourseStart off your travels by joining us at IH Cape Town for 4 weeks of Standard English [or longer], while seeking for paid employment opportunities in South Africa. You can extend your stay should you wish, although these 4 weeks will provide you with the perfect opportunity to interact with other students, explore the city of Cape Town and its surrounds while actively looking for employment. Accommodation is only provided to each student for the duration of their language course. The type of work and the choice of your work location are totally up to the applicant, yet with the 2010 FIFA World Cup starting in June 2010 there are numerous employment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sectors. While IH Cape Town will assist wherever possible to ensure the successful employment of each applicant, the responsibility resides with each applicant to secure favourable employment.


Hospitality & Tourism

Nature of the Work Tourism Services* Responsibility

Programme Includes: Cultural Exchange Visa- Valid for 1 year

12 weeks Standard English course

Study and Work English Language CourseInternship programmes provide an invaluable opportunity to gain work experience. Upon arrival in South Africa, you will join IH Cape Town for 4 weeks of Standard English before you commence your 8 week internship. Should you wish to extend the duration of either your language course or internship period, this is possible although at an additional cost.

The initial 4-week language course at IH Cape Town allows you the perfect opportunity to interact with other students and to explore the city of Cape Town and its surrounds.

A wide range of positions are available in private game reserves, safari lodges, coastal resorts and boutique hotels. Most tourism establishments are in scenic locations and will provide the intern with a firsthand experience of the natural beauty of South Africa.

Study and Work English Language CourseInterns receive live-in accommodation, all meals, and a monthly living allowance in addition to a certificate of completion. Applicants do not need to be students in the hospitality and tourism industry as placements are matched according to qualifications and their level of experience.