English for Nursing & Healthcare

English for Nursing & Healthcare is designed to improve the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of healthcare professionals, enabling them to work more confidently and effectively. With an emphasis on listening and speaking, the course covers core areas of nursing such as patient admission, taking medical specimens, patient handover, post-operation assessment and discharge planning. The course focuses on authentic tasks and activities based on everyday nursing and healthcare scenarios – from dealing with patients in pain, hospital admissions to discussing lifestyle changes, which makes the course relevant and motivating. The course also features online activities which focus on the latest advances in nursing technology.

Key Features

  • Authentic medical texts , realistic patient scenarios and practical nursing tasks help prepare learners for their day-to-day working lives.
  • A Focus on communication skills help nurses to build rapport with their patients, their relatives and colleagues, and become more effective in their work-based interactions.
  • Online activities which focus on the latest advances in nursing technology help keep nurses up-to-date and confident when faced with unfamiliar equipment in new environments.
  • Extra online reference material including a glossary of medical terms, common acronyms and abbreviations, and sample medical charts and forms provide valuable support for teachers and self-study students.
  • Speaking skills development activities simulate real-life communication, such as describing and giving information about healthcare procedures, giving instructions, warnings and discussing workplace problems. These are practiced using role-play and information gap tasks that involve finding out information from a partner
  • Reading and listening skills are developed through tasks that involve studying authentic and simplified authentic-type texts. Listening texts prepare students for communication with native speakers and non-native speakers by using recordings that contain different accents and regional variation.

Who are the courses for?

Groups – the intensive course is suitable for groups (minimum 5) who work as nurses other personnel. It combines general English classes with 10 hours each week focused on authentic medical tests, nursing scenarios and practical nursing tasks.

How Long are they?

For group bookings (minimum 5 clients):

8 weeks (240 lessons – cost $2920)

or 4 weeks (120 lessons – Cost $1540)

For individual bookings:

Minimum of 2 weeks at $420 (30 lessons) per week. These classes are run ‘on demand’ for as long as the client wants. International House Cape Town can arrange accommodation in self-catering apartments or homestay. Please see www.ihcapetown.com/Accommodation or contact us at info@ihcapetown.com for more information.

The focus of the course is on speaking and listening skills, especially using “plain” English in a nursing and healthcare context