English for Engineers

  • Vocabulary is of paramount importance when using English in a technical environment. A focus is placed on using specialized technical terms and expressions, including abbreviations and colloquial expressions specific to the energy industries. Semi-technical terms are also given clear focus to ensure their use in the correct context.
  • Grammatical structures are introduced and reviewed according to the needs of the students. Areas such as imperatives and instruction-giving are introduced to prepeare learners for real life situations. Discovery learning activities are favoured where students are encouraged to notice and work out structural patterns rather than learn rules that have little or no practical application.
  • Speaking skills development activities simulate real-life communication, such as describing and giving information about equipment and jobs, giving instructions, warnings and discussing workplace problems. These are practiced using role-play and information gap tasks that involve finding out information from a partner.
  • Reading and listening skills are developed through tasks that involve studying authentic and simplified authentic-type texts. Listening texts prepare students for communication with native speakers and non-native speakers by using recordings that contain different accents and regional variation.
  • Written tasks aim to motivate students by developing their knowledge of useful language phrases and chunks for different text types such as accident report forms and written notices and instructions. Written exercises are used to reinforce vocabulary and grammatical structures.

How long are they?

For group bookings

8 Weeks (240 lessons): $ 3080

4 weeks (120 lessons): $ 1600

For individual bookings:

Minimum 2 weeks at $425 (30 lessons) per week. These classes run “on demand” for as long as the client wants.

International House Cape Town can arrange accommodation in self-catering apartments or homestay – please see www.ihcapetown.com/accommodation or contact us at info@ihcapetown.com for more information.