Catching the waves in Muizenberg

The sun was shining last Saturday and it was a good 23 degrees in Cape Town. For that reason, I really wanted to go outside and do some activities on this beautiful day. On Social Media I saw a lot of pictures of surfing dudes who were catching the waves in Muizenberg and it looked so cool that I really wanted to try that aswell. That is why number 8 of my bucketlist was learning to surf, and Saturday was actually a perfect day to go for it. Me and my friends booked some surf lessons at Adrenaline Hunter and we drove around 11.00 to Muizenberg. Our surf teacher gave me a small purple surfboard, and I was quite happy with it because I thought that small boards were easier to use, but actually the truth was the opposite... 


We had a warming-up and stretched our legs and arms and got some information about how you have to stand on your board. The cold sea was waiting for us and when I almost could not stand anymore I jumped on my board and waited for the perfect wave to catch. The funny thing is that I had never tried surfing before and I had no clue what I was doing. The first attempts were a disaster and I had more sea water in my mouth than under my surfboard. My teacher helped me and gave me a push in the right direction, but trying to stand up on your board was really hard for your arms and legs. He gave me a longer and heavier surfboard and I tried it again. A miracle happened and for the first time in my life I stand on my board and surfed with the waves to the beach. Just like a child I was really happy and had a lot more fun during surfing. After a few hours our muscles started to complain and we decided to stop and order some well-deserved burgers at a beach club. 

Do you also want to scratch surfing from your bucketlist? Please feel free to asks more information at the reception of IH Cape Town! We are offering different activities so there is plenty of choice for you!

See you all! Anouk



Whale & wine weekend

Whale season has already began and I was determined to see the whales during my time in Cape Town here. Me and my friends booked a trip to Hermanus and I already was so thrilled to scratch this activity from my bucket list, but we first had something else exciting on the planning.

On Saturday morning we went to Stellenbosch for some chocolate & wine tasting at the vineyards of Waterford Wine estate. Normally, red wine is not really my favourite, but the ones I tasted during the wine tasting contained some savoury aspects and were delicious with the pieces of dark, salted chocolate. We also tried a dessert wine, which was really sweet and smelled like vanilla.


In the evening we had some dinner at a fancy restaurant called Tokara. We had a five course dinner and a beautiful view over Stellenbosch and False bay. I tried tempura line fish, springbok as main dish, some amuses and white chocolate mousse as dessert. The only thing that I can say is that it was absolutely delicious and really worth a try.


Sunday was finally the day to go see some whales! In one hour we drove to Hermanus and stepped into a speed boat. Our captain navigated on a really high speed and I was so busy with screaming that I almost forgot that we were looking for some whales. After five minutes we already saw some beautiful whales in a distance of 50 meters and some further away. At the end of the day we decided to navigate back before the sun went down and just enjoyed the beautiful sea and some seals close to the speed boat, until we saw something swimming on our right side.. We quietly navigated to the point and saw two whales 20 meters away. It was amazing to see these big animals so near and we looked at them for almost one hour.



I absolutely had a great weekend and you should definitely go for it when you have the time for it. You can book a tour at Marine Dynamics or feel free to ask anything you want about this trip at the reception and I am happy to help you! 


Our version of the Garden Route

I am sure you all heard about the Garden Route. If not, it is a route that starts in Cape Town and goes all the way to Port Elizabeth. During the route you will pass beautiful cities and places. Anouk and I did a short version of the route and drove for 4 days and visited 4 places. The first destination was Oudtshoorn. The funny thing about Oudtshoorn is the large amount of ostriches. There are a lot of ostrich farms that you can visit. Of course we went to an ostrich farm as well and I was very excited about this one because they didn’t only have ostriches, but also giraffes! Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, so when I found out you can feed them I was very happy.


After spending the night in Oudtshoorn, we drove to Addo, were we visited the Addo Elephant Park. It is a beautiful national park where you can go on a safari to spot the Big 5. Unfortunately, I only spotted two of them: the elephant and buffalo. We also saw a lot of zebras, hyenas and kudus. I really enjoyed the safari!


The third day we decided to visit Tsitsikamma National Park. It is a beautiful reserve that looks like a rainforest. We hiked to the Suspension Bridge, a 77 meter long bridge that hangs over the Storms River. It is very beautiful because it only hangs about 7 meters above the wild waters of the river.


On our last day we went to Knysna. We really wanted to visit Knysna Elephant Park, a facility for orphaned African elephants. It was an amazing experience, because you can get really close to the elephants and even touch and feed them.


If you want more information or if you have any questions you can always ask me! If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can book a tour at Hotspots2C or CapeToAddo. Both are great tour operators that organise scheduled tours for groups. Their guides are very experienced and know the most interesting and weird facts about the Garden Route and the different places, animals, plants and history. There are so many things to do and places to visit, so there is something for everyone!

You can get more information at the reception!


Hiking around Table Mountain & Kristenbosch National Gardens

Yesterday some lovely students and I decided to go hiking on table mountain & Kristenbosch National Gardens.
First of all we met in front of the Mc and then we took Über to get there, anyway, We started going up at 7 because it's the best time to hike so we went up the mountain and we took an incredibly difficult way to go up.




I guess we had been hiking for couple of hours before we arrived on the summit and honestly we had a lot of fun while we were going up.
Thereafter, we started hiking from Table mountain to Kristenbosch and it was extremely beautiful and obviously I can't find any words which can describe our feeling about that.


We also went to the small and gorgeous lake which was between table mountain and Kristenbosch and we did some crazy things like swimming in cold water and Yoga class.


According to students who were with me it was an amazing experience because of the breath taking views.

One of our Private Class

Hello everybody

Today I like to present one of our private classes which has been running with Jerome since 2 weeks with his sweet student from Saudi Arabia, Salam and I got all this information when i was in his class. 

Salam's  main focuses is to improve his writing and reading but mostly are the writing.

In writing specially he wants to work on his spelling and he also has to know how to write report,Essay and all this kind of writing.

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when I talked to Salam he told me that the main reason for him to come here was to learn English coz he needs this skill for his job and another reason is to learn second language which is not bad.

Fan fact about this brilliant guy is he learned English so quickly from movies and music.




challenge day

Hello everybody


The boys from our school had a football match against another language school  last weekend at Fives Futbol Grand Center and our team was able to defeat the opposing team 5-1.

We had two teams from IH school and they started playing from 11 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.

we had a lot of fun there and I recommend joining us next time.

we have a lot of activities like that and IH has a good method of teaching English to students which is having fun and making students happy.

By the way we are  always open to receiving any ideas from our students so feel free to share your ideas about any activities that you would like to do.

The last thing i need to mention is to say thank you to Maren for everything.


photos taken by Behzad...


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