Experiences of Cape Town. (International House Cape Town)

Experiences of Cape Town.

My name is Behzad Bagheri. I come from IRAN and I have been in Cape Town, South Africa for almost 1year and 6 months studying English at International House Cape Town Language Institute (ih Cape Town).

During my time here I have also conducted an internship at ih Cape Town which has given me a great insight into the workings of an English language school as well as putting into practise my newly acquired English skills in a business environment.

Cape Town is a magical city because you can kill two birds with one stone; what I mean by that is you can learn English very quickly while you are enjoying a great quality of life and living the language.

The administration staff at Ih Cape Town is phenomenal and willing to help students in any way. The teachers are highly experienced and the method of teaching is also incredible.

Cape Town also has a lot of attractive places to visit and the good point of that is that anyone who comes here as a student we help and organize everything for them. Furthermore, the school is a warm, welcoming place to help students with anything they need.

I would like to recommend learning English at Ih Cape Town for the many reason mentioned above and more importantly, the living costs and all the tuition fees are very affordable.

If you would like to see some more information about ih Cape Town then please look at our social media sites with the links below.


Kind regards

تجربه هاي کیپ تاون
نام من بهزاد باقری است من از ایران آمده ام و تقريبا ١ سال و ٦ ماه كه در کیپ تاون، (آفریقای جنوبی) مشغول تحصيل بهزبان انگلیسی در موسسه زبان بين المللي کیپ تاون هستم.

در طول زمان تحصيلي خودم نیز در موسسه Ih مشغول به انجام دوره کارآموزی نيز هستم که محيط كاري نيز تاثير خوبیدر مهارت يادگيري زبان من داشته است.

کیپ تاون یک شهر جادویی است زیرا شما می توانید دو پرنده را با یک سنگ بکشید ( با يك تير دو نشان را زدن) منظورمن این است که شما می توانید انگلیسی را خیلی سریع یاد بگیرید، در حالی که شما از یک زندگي با كيفيت عالي لذت ميبريد.

کارکنان اداری در Ih کیپ تاون فوق العاده هستند و هميشه مايل به كمك به دانش اموزان در هر زمينه اي ميباشند.معالمان داري تجربه بالايي هستند و روش آموزشي آنها فوق العاده است.

کیپ تاون نیز دارای مکان های جذاب زیادی برای بازدید است و مزيت آن این است که ما به هركسي که به عنوان یکدانش آموز به اينجا مي ايد كمك ميكنيم و همه چیز را برای آنها سازماندهی می کنيم ، علاوه بر این، مدرسه مکانيست گرم وسالم براي كمك به دانش اموزان در هر زمينه كه نياز به كمك دارن.

من به شما يادگيري زبان نگليسي در موسسه Ih كيپ تاون را توصيه ميكنم به خاطر دلايلي كه در بالا ذكر كردم و مهمتراز ان هزينه زندگي و تحصيل مقرون به صرفه است.

اگر میخواهید اطلاعات بیشتری در مورد کیپ تاون بدست آورید، لطفا به سایتهای رسانه اجتماعي ما به لينك هاي زيرمراجعه كنيد.
با احترام بهزاد باقری


Playing a game in the class..





making food with some lovely classmates



Student party




Having a class around the city





Student party






Christmas Party with the best boss ever...


The most famous beaches in Cape Town

1.camps Bay

Beautiful white sandy beach,with crystal clear blue waters.

One of the few clean beaches I've come across. There has been a increase of hawkers though, hope it's controlled.



Love the fact that there are plenty of small food shops just across the street and you can almost find all kind of differnt foods.

Acually I've been going there,since I arrived here so I'v got a lot of experiences there and I can recommend you going there guys coz you can have a lot of fun.

The other place that I can suggest in Camps Bay it's called Cafe Caprice.


Whether it’s for sundowners in the summer months or for the great winter burger special, Café Caprice never fails to disappoint.

Situated on the world famous Camps Bay Strip, Caprice has been around since 2001 and still enjoys a faithful following from locals and international visitors particularly students.

The views of the Atlantic Ocean, the white sand, palm trees and Lions Head to the left is amzing so you will have an enjoyable time.





Clifton is the heart of Cape Town’s beach scene, pulsating with the energy of the bronzed and beautiful. It’s a place to see and be seen.

This means that Clifton can generally be relied upon for perfect conditions in summer, even when the wind chases people off other beaches. Temperatures can soar on the back beach, but down near the water’s edge the icy sea has a welcome cooling effect. Here, on the hard, wet sand, more active types work up a sweat with beach bats and frisbees, periodically taking a refreshing dunk in the shallows. Others prefer a quick shower to cool off when roasting in the sun gets uncomfortably hot. Vendors ply the beaches selling snacks and drinks, so it is possible to spend a few hours on the beach without wandering far. Each of the four beaches has its own special character.




There is an amazing restaurant which is called Bungalow Restaurant & Lounge.

On the lips of the Atlantic Ocean and skirting the South African province of the Western Cape is the chic Bungalow Restaurant & Lounge. This is more than a trendy escape at which to enjoy fine dining and excellent wines (although that can safely be expected). The Bungalow is about a cunning meeting of glam and glitzy with all things earthy and rustic.


Happy Easter

First of all Happy Easter to all of you guys and i have to say thank you to Cape Xtreme,Cape Addo and Hotspots2C for these sweet chocolates that they gave us,thank you.



The Picture taken by Behzad@ (2017.04.13)


Today is a religious festival so I'm going to share something that I've just read and I hope you will like it.


Do you know the significance of Easter or have you been celebrating it every year without much thought? Before we get on to those lovely messages, it’s imperative that you know at least something about the festival. Of great importance to the Christian community, this religious festival is celebrated every year to mark the rebirth of Jesus Christ.
According to the Gospels, Christ was reborn on the third day of his crucification. As the story goes, one of his disciples called Judas Iscariot had guided the temple guards to arrest Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. Conflicting testimony against Christ was brought forward by many witnesses, to which Jesus answered nothing. When, the high priest said, “I adjure you, by the Living God, to tell us, are you the Anointed One, the Son of God?” Jesus replied ambiguously and said, “You have said it, and in time you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Almighty, coming on the clouds of Heaven.” Irked by his response, the head priest condemned Jesus for blasphemy, and sentenced him to death. Christ willingly suffered and died by crucifixion however, after three days, on Easter, he rose from the dead. This is looked upon as a victory over sin and death and a future of resurrection for all who are united to him by faith.





This year Easter falls on April 16 and today is   And now that you know it’s importance, scroll through these lovely wishes, quotes, messages, images, greetings and poems to send to your loved ones.
Happy Easter to you and your family and all the IH staff, as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter!
May this Easter Sunday inspire you to new hope, happiness, prosperity and abundance, all received through God’s divine grace.


Another informative day at ih

Today was a special day at ih because we had an amazing class and we were talking about the political sitauation in SOUTH AFRICA which included the protests of today. It was a good topic to discuss because we learned how to talk about politics and we had a lot of fun with our teacher.



SA Flags fly high at Cape Town Save SA march.
Image by: Anthony Molyneaux

Test week is over!

It´s friday again! Couldn´t believe how fast time is running in this country!

After an exciting testing week we are all happy to have Weekend now. I hope that everyone is happy with their results from the test!

In my class it was a bit sad because out of 5 people just 2 passed the test and will go to upper level next week. But on the other side, the students who have to stay in B2.2, they know each other and no one failed alone ;) Moreover, to go from Upper-Intermediate to Advance is quiet a big step - so there´s nothing to worry about!

What is really nice at this school is that all get the results on the day after the exam so you don´t have to wait a long time as it was at my high school ;) Everyone gets  a result paper where you see how many points you got in each category. And the total rate in per cent at the end. You pass the exam if you got more than 70% right.


Now everyone can relax! Have a nice weekend!!! See you in the next level ;)




My class this week

Today I like to present you my class from this week. It was the B2.2 class (Upper-Intermediate) and our lovely teacher was Dani.


Here you see us sitting in our classroom and Dani explained us grammar.


All together we were five people from all over the world and in all ages. There was Victoria from Spain, Rayan fro Saudi Arabia, Svetlana from Russia, Özlem from Turkey and our teacher Dani from South Africa and finally me from Germany. It´s a really big chance to have multicultural classes because you can learn a lot from others about their culture, their way of life and their experiences! Also what helps you with your English - you learn to listen to different accents!

All of us students arrive in Cape Town for the same goal: we all want to improve our english and as our teacher said- we are all doing a great job!

Some came here because they need better english for their job like Victoria or Svetlana just likes to combine her holidays with making something good for her future and learn something new. Rayan has the big dream to study at the Univercity of Cape Town and wants to stay here for the next years but he needs to pass an english test at univercity and that´s why he go to school. And Özlem she loves Cape Town and got her permantent residence visa this week!

I also love Cape Town so much and it´s my seond time in this city! You will not find another place like this in the world and if you come here ones I believe that everyone will come here another time in his/her life! The first time I came here was to do an internship at International House Cape Town. This internship was in the afternoon and in the morning they offered me a free english course which I enjoyed that much that I came back to IH as a blogger.


Busy working - here we have a chat about our partners text- we learned how to  write a letter of complain.

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